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Translator Chen Mingming visits PKU

JUN . 01 2018
 Peking University, May 26th, 2018: On the afternoon of May 24th, Mr. Chen Mingming, a diplomat and renowned expert in translation was invited to visit PKU, and delivered a speech on ‘Culture Barriers and Corresponding Strategies induced by the English translation of 19th CPC National Congress Report". This lecture was held by Office of International Relations and New Zealand Center at PKU, and was served as a part of 2018 training program on foreign affairs.

Mr. Chen Mingming is an expert at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, vice president of China Translation Association, and an adjunct professor at China Foreign Affairs University. He is experienced in both translation and foreign affairs, based on which an interesting political translation lecture was delivered.

Mr. Chen Mingming

This lecture is hosted by Professor Liu Shusen, the director of PKU New Zealand center. Professor Liu Shusen first introduced the long history of translation tradition at PKU as the preface of the lecture. Themed on ‘Striving for Seamless Communication’, Mr. Chen Mingming’s lecture was composed of two parts: the challenge for the international propagation of Chinese political discourse; and the corresponding solutions to this problem based on some examples in the translation of 19th CPC National Congress Report. Taking ‘Thought on Socialism with Chinese characteristics for a New Era’ as an example, Ms. Chen Mingming illustrated the importance of accuracy in translation of political writing, i.e., the preposition ‘in’ and ‘for’ conveys totally different meanings. He also attached great importance on the flexibility of translation. In cultural exchanges, our language is under inevitable influence of Chinese context, and flexible translations could reduce misunderstandings and better reflect Chinese society.

At last, Mr. Chen Mingming answered the audiences’ questions, and exchanged ideas on relative topics.

 A Brief Introduction of Mr. Chen Mingming

Mr. Chen Mingming obtained his bachelor degree at Beijing Foreign Studies University and his master degree at Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. He is currently an expert at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the vice president of China Translation Association, an adjunct professor at China Foreign Affairs University, and a consultant of China Translation& Publish Corporation. He has been the director of the Translation section in the Interpretation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, deputy director of the America and Australia Department, the Ambassador of China to New Zealand, Cook Islands and Sweden.

In the 1980s, he has been the oral interpreter for Deng Xiaoping, Hu Yaobang, Li Xiannian, etc. He has also participated in the English translation of My Father Deng Xiaoping, 100 questions on Basic Law of Macao, and the composition of Chinese Diplomatic Dictionary, Chinese and English Foreign Political and Economic Vocabulary. He has served as the chief finalizer of ‘2006 Chinese Diplomatic’ and the English Version of ‘18th and 19th CPC National Congress Report’.

Written by: Li Haiyue

Edited by: Fu Wenyun
Source: PKU News (Chinese)