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PKU men's basketball team wins the 20th CUBA men's basketball finals championship

JUN . 13 2018
Peking University, Jun 9, 2018: PKU men's basketball team won the CUBA finals championship again after defeating Central South University with a 94-61 lead on Saturday night. Yao Ming, chairman of Chinese Basketball Association, and Xue Yanqing, secretary general of Federation of University Sports of China, presented awards to PKU basketball team.

Peking University winning with a 94-61 lead

Award Ceremony

PKU basketball team headed to the championship with excellent performances not only in preliminary contests but also in the finals.

Several moments during the finals

Celebration after the finals

This was the third straight victory of PKU men's basketball team in CUBA finals after being awarded in 2014 and 2017, and Wan Shengwei won his MVP.

Wan Shengwei winning his MVP

Wan Shengwei, the core of PKU men's basketball team, scored 14 points, got 13 rebounds and 4 assists as well as 2 blocks in the last CUBA finals, defeating Central South University with a 81-68 victory.

Wan Shengwei playing basketball

Wan Shengwei earned his fame with his outstanding behavior during the CUBA as well as the All Star Competition this year. He was hard to defend and good at passing ball. 

PKU men's basketball team was the champion of the CUBA finals, the followers were Central South University, Civil Aviation University of China and Huaqiao University.

CUBA All Star Night held a retirement ceremony for Wan Shengwei from Peking University, Wang Siqi and Feng Hanpu from Taiyuan University of Technology on Saturday night, which is the third time to hold All Star game as well as retiring ceremony in the history of CUBA.

PKU men's basketball team


CUBA (China University Basketball Association) was established in 1996, which is the first sport organization consists of university's students in the history of Chinese sports. CUBA and CBA are two most influential games in China at present. PKU men's basketball team won the championship in 2014 and 2017, and PKU women's basketball team was the champion in 2014.

Written by: He Jin
Edited by: Zhang Jiang
Source: PKU News (Chinese)