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Welcome back! PKU’s Mountaineering Team returns

JUN . 05 2018
Peking University, May 23, 2018: On May 21, 2018, PKU’s mountaineering team returned to the university from Tibet after successfully reaching the peak of Mount Qomolangma. Hao Ping, chairman of Peking University Council, Lin Jianhua, president of Peking University, and other department leaders as well as representatives of teachers and students warmly welcomed the return of the mountaineering team.

The summit of Mount Qomolangma

Hao Ping congratulated the team's successful mountaineering and welcomed the safe return of all team members. At the same time, he also thanked the families of every team member for their support. He said that on May 2, President Xi Jinping visited Peking University and graciously inquired about the process of Mount Qomolangma mountaineering and stressed the importance of safety. The school conveyed to the team members the regards of President Xi, and all team members felt encouraged. Although the team members were in Tibet and far from Beijing, the teachers and students cared about and cheered for the mountaineering team all the time.

During their expedition, the mountaineering team demonstrated the spirit of youth in the new era and the spirit of Peking University. Hao expressed his hope that the team could take a well-earned rest, gather their thoughts on the experience, and eventually share the story of mountaineering Mount Qomolangma with students and teachers.

Teachers and students welcoming the mountaineering team members

Lin Jianhua noted that he was very happy and excited when he learned that the team had successfully reached the summit of Mount Qomolangma. The team members did not give up because of the hardships and dangers. Those qualities are not only the manifestation of the spirit of the sport but also a more comprehensive demonstration of the young students’ courageous attitude towards life in the new era. Lin Jianhua encouraged the team members to continue to work hard, overcome difficulties, realize their dreams in life, and assume the mission of national construction. To jointly climb Mount Qomolongma is an incredible experience and a wonderful memory for the team members. He encouraged the team members to share the experiences of mountaineering and summiting the mountain with more teachers and students.

The return of the mountaineering team was widely welcomed by the teachers and students. The welcoming crowd shouted the slogan expressed by the mountaineering team at the top of the world: “The spirit of Peking University always resides in the summit. Let's unite to revive China!” The PKU community will continue to aim high and pursue dreams with great passion in the new era.

The welcoming scene

Written by
: Qian Kang

Edited by: Zhou Yijing, Erin Dunne
Source: PKU News (Chinese)