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First lesson for graduate students held

SEP . 19 2018

Peking University, Sept. 17, 2018: On September 13th, the first lesson-cum-orientation meeting for graduate students was held at Peking University Stadium. Hao Ping, chairman of Peking University Council and Gao Song, executive vice president and dean of Peking University were the main speakers. The meeting was attended by heads of the Graduate School, representatives of Peking University Hospital, all schools and departments, and most importantly, by newly enrolled graduate students.

The first lesson being held

Hao Ping welcomed and congratulated the new students. He reviewed the history of Peking University and explained to the students the spirits of the 19th National Congress, of the General Secretary Xi Jinping's speech on May 2nd, and of the National Education Conference. Hao said that Peking University will strive to provide students with a better environment for study and development, to stimulate their creative potential, and to allow them to study happily.

Hao hoped that the students would love their country and people, would button the first button of life correctly and establish correct values, would have great aspirations for which they would toil, and would study conscientiously and innovate. He hoped that they would have wonderful lives as they pursue the Chinese dream.

Gao Song and the head of the Graduate School talked about postgraduate education.

Gao Song pointed out that postgraduate education is an important method of training scientific research force and high-level innovative talents. Postgraduate education at Peking University is undergoing comprehensive reform. Gao hoped that the students would carry forward the glorious tradition of Peking University and contribute to the realization of the Chinese dream.

Jiang Guohua, deputy dean of the Graduate School, talked about diverse topics including Peking University's postgraduate education system, its training requirements and standards, and its academic exchange platform and resources. A person in charge of Peking University Hospital provided information about the health care guide for new students.

Written by:
Ma Haocheng
Edited by: Ma Xiao
Source: PKU News (Chinese)