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The first lecture on the foreign affairs forum of Peking University held

SEP . 27 2018
Peking Unviersity, September 25th, 2018: On September 13, “BOYA HORIZONS”, PKU foreign affairs lecture, and “My opposite is you: The story behind the press conference”, Ambassador Fu Ying's new book first sharing session was held at PKU.

The event was hosted by PKU, CITIC Publishing Group and PKU International Cooperation Department.

In the opening of the “BOYA HORIZONS”, Ambassador Fu Ying was invited to introduce her new book which explains about how to communicate with Chinese and foreign media as a spokesperson, which would be officially published by CITIC press group soon.

At the beginning of the event, Lin Jianhua extended a warm welcome to Fu Ying and all the guests. He also expressed his appreciation to her new book and her contribution to telling Chinese information to the world over the years. In his speech, he also mentioned and complimented her diplomat style called “Fu Ying style” which showed the world a real and comprehensive China. And he encouraged PKU students to learn about how to communicate and get along with the world through her new book.

Fu Ying

Fu Ying made the keynote speech entitled "the world needs to hear more of the Chinese people". She says communication is necessary when a fast growing China enters the international community and when the public in many countries want to understand China. She also mentions being honest and sincere is the most basic way for communicating both inside and outside of China. The communication effect can be judged by seeing what the other person understood about what you had said. Fu Ying hopes the young generation who pursues national rejuvenations learns that communication would be the starting point to keep up with the country’s direction.

In the section of "professional insights", Fu Ying held dialogues with the forum guests Wang Guoqing, Liu Binjie, Yuan Ming and Qiao Weibing on the theme of international communication.

Wang Guoqing agrees with the point of Fu Ying and believes active communication is necessary. The first step of effective communication is a deep understanding and it could be accomplished based on solid research.

Liu Binjie mentions that every Chinese national should participate in building China’s national image in the new international era. In the process, Fu Ying’s communication method is worthy to learn; the communication attitude should be sincere and friendly, to listen to the public and tell the truth.

Yuan Ming recalls when Fu Ying was Vice Minister of foreign affairs, she once visited the office and it was full of books, materials and documents. There was a small bed in the very corner of the office.

Qiao Weibing, after reading the book, summarizes the reason why Fu Ying was successful as a diplomat and spokesperson; both of practical business experience and theoretical research are necessary to tell the world about China in a better way.

Written by: Yanson Lee
Edited by: Xu Liangdi
Source: PKU News (in Chinese)