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“Inheritance: Our PKU Stories” Second Session held in PKU

SEP . 28 2018
Peking University, September 21, 2018: On September 21, the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences (IHSS) of Peking University (PKU) held the second session of “Inheritance: Our PKU Stories” serial event in PKU Global Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. During the event, 6 renowned professors from the field of humanities and social sciences shared their PKU stories. They include Li Yining, Lou Yulie, Yuan Ming, Duan Qing, Sun Qingwei and Zhou Feizhou.

Group photo

Li Yining, honorary dean of Guanghua School of Management (GSM), stressed the importance of academic achievements of previous generations of scholars including Chen Daisun and Zhou Binglin. The academic foundation they laid were like “shoulders of giants” for Li to stand on. He also expressed his hope towards youngsters nowadays. “Make reading a habit. Visit second-hand book store for surprises.” he said.

Li sharing Professor Chen Daisun’s stories

In Lou Yulie’s sharing, he highlighted the value of heritage handed down by his teachers. “I was so impressed by Professor Feng Yulan’s clear and concise writing that I always encourage myself to introduce academic ideas in simple but profound words just like him.” But the legacy of previous generations is far beyond that. “We should constantly reflect on, learn from and carry forward our forefathers’ legacy to make the world a better place.”

Lou telling Professor Feng Youlan’s stories 

Other speakers also shared their PKU stories in which they pointed out the importance of innovation and the desire to excel, as well as the power of role model.

Yuan expressing gratitude towards his teachers

Duan sharing her story 

Sun sharing academic traditions

Zhou look back upon his campus life 

Group photo 

According to IHSS, part of the point of the sharing is to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the institute. Other celebrations include academic activities like themed lectures and forums. 

Written by: Huang Yadan
Edited by: Xu Liangdi
Source: PKU News (Chinese)