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Peking University holds the fifth North Pavilion Dialogue annual meeting

OCT . 31 2018
Peking University, Oct. 22, 2018: From Oct. 19 to Oct. 21, Peking University held the fifth North Pavilion Dialogue annual meeting. From 2014, Institute of International and Strategic Studies (IISS), Peking University has been holding North Pavilion Dialogue annually, as one of the implements of President Xi Jinping’s instruction of “constructing a new type of think tank with Chinese characteristics”. Every year, domestic and overseas former politicians and experts with rich experience, excellent academic achievements and strategic foresights are invited to discuss international situations and prospects of relationships among major countries.

Group photo of participants

Dai Bingguo, former State Councilor, Wang Bo, vice president of Peking University, Wang Jisi, dean of IISS, and other domestic former politicians and scholars also attended the meeting. This annual meeting also invited 12 international honored guests, including Kevin Rudd, former prime minister of Australia, John Negroponte, former U.S. deputy Secretary of State, Joseph Nye, Jr., professor of Harvard University.

This year’s North Pavilion Dialogue was themed on “Geostrategic Competitions in Eurasia and China-U.S. Relations”. In face of the complex and unpredictable international situation, the meeting focused on how to control strategic divergence and avoid strategic confrontation among major countries, especially between China and the US. With trade conflicts and the rise of other confrontational factor in the bilateral relationship, whether China and US could rationally find compromise and return to a stable relationship again, has crucial meanings to the development of both sides, as well as to the prospect of global politics and economy.

The meeting included a closed-door discussion and a public forum. At the closed-door discussion, participants mainly talked about the prospect of geostrategic competitions in Eurasia and Asian-Pacific regions, the trend of China-US relationship, the situation in North Korea, how to control geostrategic risks and other important issues. Participants exchanged opinions about stabilizing relationships between major countries and regional situations, avoiding confrontation and conflicts, and promoting international cooperation, while putting forward many valuable thoughts and suggestions.

The scene of closed-door discussion

On the afternoon of Oct. 21, the forum “Geostrategic Competitions in Eurasia and China-U.S. Relations” was jointly held by IISS and School of International Studies, Peking University. Guests candidly discussed how to react to the new situations and challenges of geostrategic competition.

The scene of the forum

Written by: Wang Xiaokun
Edited by: Ma Yaoli, Hu Rong
Source: PKU News (Chinese)