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International Culture Week held by Peking University Library

NOV . 01 2018
Peking University, Nov. 1, 2018: Peking University Library will celebrate her 120th anniversary in this October. In the past 120 year, upholding the original principle of “users first, service first”, Peking University Library has collected innumerable treasures of human wisdom and become a center of Chinese academia. Nowadays, the library has already become an indispensable mainstay of Peking University’s education system and a strong guarantee of achieving the “Double first-rate” project.

During 15-20th, October, Peking University Library held the International Culture Week to celebrate the 120th anniversary. With the subject of “New Voyage: With you and Beyond”, this activity is also a part of the 15th Peking University International Culture Festival. Typically, this activity contained a special program of “a wonderful Day at the Library” under the Live PKU global bilingual banner, related exhibitions and some other activities, which provided book-lovers inside and outside PKU a serviceable platform to feel the spirit and cultural environment of PKU Library within a close distance.

On 15
th and 16th of October, Peking University’s global bilingual banner “LIVE PKU” launched a 120th anniversary special program, where the live program “a Wonderful Day at the Library” was broadcasted in both Mandarin and English to invite people from all over the world to visit Peking University Library online. The livestream was accessible through Peking University’s official facebook account, China.org.cn, CGTN(China Global Television Network), China Daily, CCTV.com, People’s Daily, IFENG.com, Net Ease, and other major social media. Students and journalists from China.org.cn participated in the game of “searching treasures” and resolving puzzles at different sites in the library according to the clues provided. During the game, they could know more about the long history of the library, savor valuable collections, and sample library services. The final destination of this treasure hunt is the single most valuable book in the library: the original edition of Zhiyanzhai's Re-Annotations to The Story of the Stone. The program was well-received and the total pageview was over one million.

On October 21th, booth exhibitions of the 15th Peking University International Culture Festival was held on the square of Peking University’s Hall, and special booths were also set in Peking University Library with the hope of presenting and publicizing the library’s resources and services. Three dimensional printing was a major attraction.

In order to celebrate the 120th anniversary, Peking University Library held a “Users Oriented Information Service International Academic Seminar”. The seminar started at 9 o’clock on Thursday, 24th October at Yingjie Overseas Exchange Center. Hundreds of famous campus chief librarians from all over the world gathered to discuss the establishment and development of university libraries in the new era.

Written by: Zhang Yujuan
Edited by: Ma Xiao
Source: PKU News (Chinese)