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2004 Turing award winner Robert E. Kahn visits Peking University

NOV . 07 2018
Peking University, Nov. 2, 2018: On the morning of October 31st, 2004 Turing award winner Robert E. Kahn visited Peking University on invitation. PKU President Hao Ping met with Dr. Kahn and his wife, Patrice Lyons, at Linhuxuan. 

President Hao first expressed his welcome to Dr. Kahn’s visit. Then the two sides exchanged views on the opportunities and challenges brought to universities by the rapid development of the Internet. With the advent of the fourth industrial revolution, Big Data, AI and other technologies are developing rapidly. Peking University attaches great importance to the development of information science and technology .   Hao hoped that Dr. Kahn could join to establish a closer and substantial long-term cooperative relationship with the School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science to promote the university's innovative research on Big Data and the Internet.

The group photo

Dr. Kahn said he was very happy to come to Peking University and looked forward to deepening  cooperation with the university in the future. He pointed out that the Internet has been progressing for more than 50 years because of the great idea of connecting and integrating everything. The primary mission for universities, he said, is to nurture students of vision, and to motivate their potential for future ideas, so as to put forth inventions that wouldl transform the world. Kahn also expected young people to have the courage and ability to build and lead the future.

At the end of  the meeting, President Hao, on behalf of Peking University, presented to Dr. Kahn the artwork with campus scene on it as a souvenir.

A Brief Introduction of Robert E. Kahn 

Robert E. Kahn was born in 1938 in New York Kahn is regarded as the “Father of the Internet” as he is the co-inventor of the TCP/IP protocols—the essential communication infrastructure of the Internet—, and was responsible for originating DARPA's Internet Program. He once worked on the system design of the ARPNET, the first packet-switched network. And as Director of Information Processing Techniques Office (IPTO), Kahn conceived the idea of open-architecture networking. He also coined the term National Information Infrastructure (NII) in the mid-1980s, which later became more widely known as the Information Super Highway. 

Kahn is a member of the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Engineering, a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and a Fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). 

In 2004, Kahn along with Vinton Cerf won the A.M. Turing Award, the highest honor in computer science, because of his “pioneering work on internetworking, including the design and implementation of the Internet’s basic communications protocols, TCP/IP, and for inspired leadership in networking.”

Written by: Harper Lee
Edited by: Wei Yunqi, Wang Qian 
Source: PKU News (Chinese)