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Outstanding Contributors to China’s Reform and Opening-up series

DEC . 27 2018
Peking University, Dec. 27, 2018: The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) plans to honor 100 outstanding individuals who have made great contributions to China’s reform and opening-up. Three PKU teachers, Wang Xuan, Li Yining, and Justin Yifu Lin, were on the list, along with eight PKU alumni, Yu Min, Wang Jiafu, Robin Li  Yanhong, Zou Bihua, Hu Fuming, Zhong Nanshan, Tu Youyou and Fan Jinshi.

Li yining, (1930 - ) is honorary dean and professor of PKU Guanghua School of Management and one of the earliest scholars who put forward joint-stock reform theories in China. He participated in the ownership reform of state-owned enterprises in China, and presided over the drafting of the Securities Law of PRC and Securities Investment Fund Law of PRC. In addition, Professor Li Yining has made outstanding contributions to the reform of the state-owned forest right system, the reform of the state-owned agricultural reclamation economic system and the development of low-carbon economy. He won the first prize of the 6th and 7th Award for Outstanding Scientific Research Achievements of Institutions of Higher Learning (Humanities and Social sciences) given by the Ministry of Education.

Written by: Wang Nini, Wang Xi
Edited by: Huang Yadan, Xu Liangdi
Source: PKU official subscription account (in Chinese)