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Peking University names Student of the Year for 2018

DEC . 31 2018
Peking University, Dec. 25, 2018: Peking University has been naming its “Student of the Year” since 2014. This year, according to the tradition, ten students who have gone through the nomination, voting, and oral defense will receive their awards on the 2018 PKU New Year’s Party. The list of 2018 Peking University’s Student of the Year winners is as follow: 

Si Gao

Si Gao, from PKU Health Science Center, now works in Third Hospital for his surgical rotation. Despite clinic work, Si Gao is devoted to academic research of clinical medicine. In 2018, he had four scholarly papers published on SCI journals, one on the Core Journals of China. He also sent his research papers to several top medical conferences, such as the International Congress of Chinese Orthopaedic Association. In May, he served as the spokesperson of the 11th Congress of Chinese Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

Ji Ruyi

Ji Ruyi, from School of Computer and Information Engineering, is a student coach of the PKU team for the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC). His team has won a gold medal and a silver one on the World Final ICPC. As for the scholastic performance, Ji Ruyi’s cumulative GPA is 3.91 (on a 4.0 scale). He has received China National Scholarship twice and then the Tang Lixin Scholarship. In 2017, he became member of the first Peking University Turing Class.

Xiang Yang

Xiang Yang, from School of Foreign Languages, is a diligent learner of Hebrew language. Her GPA of Hebrew language is 3.94 (on a 4.0 scale). Therefore, she has received the 2018 China National Scholarship and Kwang-Hua Scholarship. In August 2018, invited by Betalin Therapeutics (an Israeli company developing an innovative therapy for diabetes treatment), she served as the translator between the former Deputy Prime Minister Eli Yishai and Chongqing Government Mission. Her professionalism was highly praised by both sides. 

Liu Ji

Liu Ji is a postgraduate student from Law School. After his graduation in 2017, Liu Ji, as a member of the Communist Party of China, went to Xinjiang and started his one-year volunteer teaching experience there. It is in March 2018 that he volunteered to support primary education in Hotan County. He thus became the first volunteer teacher from Peking University who entered the hinterland of Southern Xinjiang. With the efforts of his whole team, the pupils have made a great leap in their grades. In September 2018, Liu Ji went back to the campus and worked in the logistics service department for supporting the new volunteer teachers. 

Yu Yilun

Yu Yilun, from Yuanpei College, majors in Paleontology. In 2015, he discovered some fossil dinosaur femurs in Erenhot with the expedition team of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the University of Hong Kong. In August 2017, he presented a paper titled “A new caenagnathid dinosaur from the Upper Cretaceous Wangshi Group of Shandong, China, with comments on size variation among oviraptorosaurs” on the 77th Annual Meeting of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology. In May 2018, he wrote a popular science essay about a certain kind of oviraptor with some senior students and shared it on Goukr.com.  

Song Xi

Song Xi is one of the Class of 2018 postgraduate students of the School of Psychological and Cognitive Sciences. Since her honorary discharge from People's Liberation Army Navy Marine Corps (PLANMC) in September 2017, Song Xi has become the center of attention. Numerous youths view her as the model undergraduate for her strong sense of responsibility. After returning to Peking University, Song Xi attracts another kind of attention with her beautiful singing. Consequently, she managed to claim the title of “Top Ten Student Singers” in the PKU singing competition.

Chen Yanting

Chen Yanting, from Guanghua School of Management, is the president of PKU Chess Club, with the certification of a national second-level athlete. She also started the Checkers Club of Peking University. In the 2018 National Collegiate Chess Championship, ChenYanting, as the team leader, beat the rivals with their untied strength and received the gold medal for groups. Apart from her achievement in chess, Chen Yanting has received the ICBC Scholarship due to her excellent scholastic performance. 

Zhao Chaoyi

Zhao Chaoyi, from the School of Mathematical Sciences, majors in Computer Science and Technology at the same time. He has systematically studied math, finance, and computer, for that he desires to make use of different branches of knowledge to solve more complex problems. As a result, he has gotten 172 credits since his first year in Peking University. 
Now, he also serves as the secretary-general of Communist Youth League in School of Mathematical Sciences.

Guo Jihao

Guo Jihao is a postgraduate student of School of Journalism and Communication. He is also a member of the Communist Party of China and the chair of the Graduate Union in his school. From August 2017 to the next year’s summer, he went to Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region working as a volunteer teacher. During the whole year, he has been using his own salary to pay the transportation to visit students’ families. Based on their communication, Guo Jihao would adjust his teaching method to better help the children learn. When he came back to Peking University, Guo Jihao continued to work in the Graduate Union of the School of Journalism and Communication. 

Peng Ding

Peng Ding entered the Health Science Center of PKU in 2014. He studied under the guidance of the respectable Professor Zhou Liqun. Peng received the China National Scholarship and many other awards. During his doctoral years, Peng Ding published ten scholarly papers on SCI journals, including EMBO Reports, Clinical Epigenetics, and Epigenomics, and one on the Core Journals of China. Besides, he also plays an important part in the Graduate Union of Health Science Center of PKU as a director of the Liaison Department.

Written by: Wang Nini
Edited by: Huang Yadan 
Source: PKU News (Chinese)