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Professor Xie Wei’s paper listed on the 2018 Altmetric Top 100

JAN . 08 2019
Peking University, Jan. 8, 2019: Data science company Altmetric recently released Top 100 papers that were published in 2018. Peking University Assistant Professor Xie Wei’s “Decreases in Global Beer Supply Due to Extreme Drought and Heat”, published in Nature Plants, was selected among the 2018 Altmetric Top 100 papers, ranking 19th. Besides, 11 papers, with research contributions from Chinese scholars, were listed.

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According to this data science company, the Altmetric Top 100 is an annual list of the research that has most captured the public’s imagination each year. The Top 100 papers were ranked based on the Altmetric score, which is derived from an automated algorithm and represents a weighted count of the amount of attention for research output.  


Xie Wei is Assistant Professor of the School of Advanced Agricultural Sciences at Peking University. His current research area primarily revolves around the supply & demand, trade and price prediction of the farm produce.

Written by: Wang Nini
Edited by: Huang Yadan
Source: PKU News (Chinese)