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PKU Professor Gong Qihuang honored as the SPIE Fellow

JAN . 10 2019
Peking University, Jan. 9, 2019: The International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE) has recently published the 2018 Fellow list, on which appeared Gong Qihuang, chair professor of the School of Physics, Peking University. According to SPIE, Gong was awarded in recognition of his significant achievements in the fields of ultrafast optics and spectroscopy, nonlinear optics, and optical information and communication applications of mesoscopic devices.

Gong Qihuang

Founded in 1955, SPIE is a well-known non-profit organization dedicated to the exchange, collection, dissemination and application of knowledge in the spheres of optics, photonics, optoelectronics, imaging and image processing. As one of the most accredited international authorities in optoelectronics, SPIE enrolls more than 50,000 members. The year of 2018 has witnessed 88 optical scientists worldwide selected as members after expert recommendation and rigorous screening, including seven scholars from the Chinese mainland. Professor Gérard Mourou, winner of the Nobel Prize in physics for 2018, is also among them.

PKU Boya Chair Professor Gong Qihuang has gained himself numerous honors and achievements as member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, member of the World Academy of Sciences for the advancement of science in developing countries (TWAS), winner of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars in 1995, and also member of the Optical Society of America, Institute of Physics and Chinese Optical Society, etc.

Written by: Guo Xinyu
Edited by: Huang Weijian
Source: PKU News (Chinese)