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ENN Group provides financial support to PKU projects

JUL . 09 2019
Peking University, June 12, 2019: On the afternoon of June 12, a donation ceremony was held at the School of International Relations, Peking University, witnessing EEN’s commitment to its partnership with PKU on projects in relation to international organizations and international public policy. Cai Wu, former minister of the Ministry of Culture, Hao Ping, president of Peking University, Wang Bo, vice president of Peking University and Li Hongjie, senior vice president of ENN Group, attended the ceremony.

At the donation ceremony

ENN Group is one of the largest private energy companies in China that focus on providing cleaner energy to support sustainable growth.

Hao expressed his gratitude to the ENN Group for its long-term support to Peking University. He pointed out that the talents of international organizations are urgently needed, and the training of such talents has become a national strategy. Hao said that the cooperation between the two sides on global governance, international public policy, and Belt and Road Initiative will be an excellent model for school-enterprise cooperation.

Cai further pointed out that since the world is facing unprecedented challenges, the reform of the global governance system is currently at a crossroad. As China's comprehensive strength and international influence continuously grow, the international community pays more attention to China. He expected that young students nowadays must cherish valuable resources, actively absorb theoretical knowledge, and accumulate practical skills, thus contributing to the community with a shared future for mankind.

Wang spoke highly of the long-term cooperative relationship between ENN Group and Peking University. He pointed out that China is playing an increasingly significant role in the global governance, and it is a must to train talents for international organizations.

Li Hongjie said that ENN Group is pleased to cooperate with Peking University. As Hebei's largest private enterprise and the leader of new energy development, ENN Group has a strong sense of patriotism. The support of the project fully reflects its long-term concern for the national education. He believed that projects focusing on international organizations and international public policy will not only promote talents’ cultivation at both theoretical and practical levels, but also contribute to China's national interests in the new era. Li expressed his earnest expectations to the students engaging in the projects.

Written by: Ying Bingjie
Edited by: Huang Weijian
Source: PKU News (Chinese)