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Peking University holds Opening Ceremony for the new cohort of undergraduate and graduate students

SEP . 11 2019
Peking University, Sept. 6: On September 6, Peking University held its Opening Ceremony for thousands of fresh undergraduate and graduate students. 

At the Opening Ceremony

The morning session was attended by the new cohort of undergraduate students.

Following a series of performances given by students and faculty members, Ding Xuning, a student representative from Yuanpei College, gave a rousing speech to encourage the newcomers. He said Peking University offers him a remarkable platform to sustain his interest and strive to realize his dream. “Peking University empowers me to become a more competent student, translating my interest into specialty. Thank you, PKU,” Ding exclaimed.

Then, Gao Yuanning, dean of School of Physics, represented all teachers to deliver a speech expressing his expectation, and hoped the new students should be confident about themselves and more importantly they should be confident about Peking University.

Hao Ping, president of Peking University, welcomed the newcomers on behalf of the university. He reviewed the history of Peking University and illuminated the responsibilities that PKUers must shoulder. In the new era, Hao hoped the freshmen should study hard and contribute to the nation, acquire substantial knowledge and apply them into practice, gain both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, and take root in China with a global perspective.

When the Opening Ceremony was about to end, all the freshmen wore the school badge and sang the song Ode to the Motherland.

The afternoon session witnessed the Opening Ceremony for the new batch of graduate students.

Zhang Haochen, a new graduate student from the National School of Development, represented all the new graduate students to share feelings of being part of Peking University. Zhang offered his insights into the three major philosophical questions: Who are you? Where are you from? Where are you going? Zhang encouraged new graduate students to do research beneficial to the whole country and citizens and focus on challenges that China is facing nowadays.

Yang Li, vice dean of Peking University First Hospital, also gave a speech to the new graduate students, outlining three characters that are crucial: be responsible, be keen to take actions after pondering, and be grateful.

Finally, Peking University President Hao Ping expressed his expectation to the new cohort of graduate students, saying that PKUers are expected to devote themselves to China, work in a down-to-earth way, conduct research in innovative areas and take an active part in intercultural communication with a global perspective.

Following the Opening Ceremony, these students will begin to take a wide range of classes from the ninth of September onwards, embarking on a new journey at Peking University.

Reported by: Qiu Tianjie
Edited by: Huang Weijian