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Peking University holds the second Jing Hua Alumni Cup

OCT . 29 2019
Peking University, Oct. 22, 2019: On October 19, the second Jing Hua Alumni Cup, a Weiqi contest, took place simultaneously in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. After a day of intense competition, alumni of Tsinghua University won with 74 scores and received the trophy of Jing Hua Alumni Cup.

In order to facilitate the professor-student communication, Peking University and Tsinghua University, the best two renowned universities in China, have held Jing Hua Cup as a traditional annual event for 32 years. With the strong support from Peking University Alumni Association and Tsinghua Alumni Association, Weiqi Association of Tsinghua Alumni and Weiqi Club of Peking University Alumni jointly launched the first Jing Hua Alumni Cup, providing a venue for alumni who are enthusiastic about Weiqi.

The second Jing Hua Alumni Cup was held at Peking University. Three other matches also took place in Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Washington, D.C. (already held its match on September 28th). Nearly one hundred and fifty people in four different cities had participated in those matches, showing that the influence and the scale have been gaining bigger momentum.

This event was in the form of two rounds. The first round was one-on-one, with winners gaining one score. The second round was two-on-two, with winners gaining two scores.

People from elders to teenagers were zealous and energetic, competing and chatting with each other. Even Tsinghua University’s Professor Guan Peichao, approaching ninety years old, with Professor Jin Bailing , Professor Yu Changmin and Professor Shao Beien, three of who are more than seventy years old, also participated in this event, performing no less spectacularly than before.

During the Competition

The match was intense because the performance of alumni from Peking University had been very close to that of those from Tsinghua University, with scores of both sides being near even. However, in the end, Team Tsinghua secured an eight-score lead and won the game.

During the awarding ceremony, Shi Zongkai, vice chairman of Tsinghua University Council, said that when the first Jing Hua Alumni Cup was held at Tsinghua University, Team Peking won, and when the second was held at Peking University, Team Tsinghua won – a fact that showed these two neighboring universities being friendly. As Li Cunfeng, the deputy secretary-general of Peking University Alumni Association, stated that winning wasn’t the most important, and that via this event, having more friends and deepening the collaboration in a variety of fields between these two universities would be the most gracious reward.

After the second round of the match on the afternoon of 19, the main venue in Peking also organized a teaching activity by professional players, including Hua Xueming, the vice president of Chinese Weiqi Association and the leader of National Weiqi Team, the match’s referee-in-chief Zhang Wendong and the assistant referee Liu Yuanbo.

Written by: Chen Chingshan
Edited by: Wang Nini
Source: PKU News (Chinese)