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Peking University cooperates with Heilongjiang province in a new round

NOV . 06 2019
Peking University, Nov 2, 2019: The strategic cooperation signing ceremony of Peking University and Heilongjiang province was held in Yingjie Overseas Exchange Center on October 26. Zhang Qingwei, secretary of the CPC Heilongjiang Provincial Committee and director of the Standing Committee of Heilongjiang Provincial Congress, Wang Wentao, deputy secretary of the CPC Heilongjiang Provincial Committee and governor of Heilongjiang province, Qiu Shuiping, chairman of Peking University Council, Hao Ping, president of Peking University attended the meeting.

The signing ceremony

During the ceremony, Zhang noted that Peking University, an internationally renowned institution, had always been in cooperation with Heilongjiang province in many a field and transporting a large number of talents to the province. The purpose of this visit to PKU, Zhang pointed out, was to attract more innovative talents to promote entrepreneurship in Heilongjiang by establishing think tanks in collaboration with Peking University. To achieve such a goal, Heilongjiang province would provide service of high quality for talents, research teams and innovative corporations for Peking University.

Qiu said that Heilongjiang province was known for its ecological resources and commodity grain. Qiu believed that the cooperation between PKU and Heilongjiang would strengthen the long-lived friendship and promote the development of both Heilongjiang and Peking University.

Qiu Shuiping

Hao mentioned that both sides had maintained a close collaborative relationship. In recent years, Peking University had been deepening education reform and continuously improving its influences as well as education strength. Considering the bright future of working together, both sides need to practically enhance the collaboration of talents to promote the economic and social development of Heilongjiang.

Hao Ping

Chen Anli, member of the CPC Heilongjiang Provincial Committee, and Wang Yanglin, vice president of Peking University, signed the cooperation agreement on behalf of each side.

Zhang Qingwei and Wang Wentao also communicated with representatives of Peking University students from Heilongjiang, encouraging them to improve their prowess and welcoming them to come back to hometown to promote its development.

On the morning of October 28, the Organization Department of Heilongjiang province took the lead to organize a recruitment presentation at Peking University. During the meeting, Wang Yanglin delivered a speech on behalf of PKU, saying that Peking University would continue to transport more excellent graduates for the construction of Heilongjiang in the new era. Outstanding alumni from Peking University now working in Heilongjiang also shared their working experience and rewards.

Chen Anli introduced the history of the construction of Heilongjiang and some models of that period and pointed out that, now faced with precious opportunities in the transitional period, Heilongjiang would welcome more graduates from Peking University.

Written by:
Cao Tianyi
Edited by: Wei Yunqi
Source: PKU News (Chinese)