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The Celebration of the Centenary of Professor Zheng Linfan’s Birth and PKU Oral Pathology Forum held

NOV . 07 2019
Peking University, November 4, 2019: On October 26, 2019, the celebration meeting of the centenary of Professor Zheng Linfan’s birth and PKU Oral Pathology Forum were held in the lecture hall of Peking University Hospital of Stomatology. Professor Zhang Zhenkang, founding president of the Chinese Stomatological Association (CSA), Professor Wang Xing, honorary president of CSA, Yu Guangyan, president of CSA, Professor Zhong Ming, chairman of the Oral Pathology Committee, and other scholars from nearly 30 universities nationwide attended the meeting.

Professor Zheng Linfan (1919-2009) was one of the famous pioneers and oral experts in China, and founded the Department of Oral Pathology in 1947. He was the head of the stomatology department of the former Beijing Medical College, the director of the Institute of Oral Science, the director of the Oral Pathology Laboratory, and the Chairman of the Oral Science Association of the Chinese Stomatological Association.

Nearly 400 people including representatives of Professor Zheng Linfan's students and children, teachers and students of the Peking University Hospital of Stomatology also attended the meeting. The lecture hall was packed out, where Professor Zheng Linfan’s photos were presented on the big screen and his manuscript and handouts were also exhibited.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of Professor Zheng Linfan’s birth. During the campaign on the theme of “remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind,” the Hospital of Stomatology held a celebration meeting to commemorate his life-long efforts to promote the development of stomatology and his lifelong dedication to the oral histopathology.

Written by: Yang Yanfan
Edited by:  Wang Xi
Source: PKU News(Chinese)