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Jessica Rawson awarded Honorary Professor of PKU

NOV . 12 2019
Peking University, November 9, 2019: On November 5, the award ceremony of accepting Jessica Rawson as an honorary professor of PKU was held in Room B101, Yenching Academy, Peking University.

Jessica Rawson, a famous archaeologist and sinologist, is one of the most active Western scholars in the field of Chinese art and archaeology research. Holding long-term cooperation and extensive exchanges with Peking University, Rawson has made outstanding contributions to the discipline construction, the improvement of academic research levels, and the promotion of international recognition of Peking University.

Before the ceremony, PKU Council Chairman Qiu Shuiping had an intimate conversation with Rawson. On behalf of Peking University, Qiu appreciated Rawson’s contributions to increase the international recognition of the contributions and efforts made by the subjects archaeology and art history of Peking University. Qiu also expressed his expectation that Rawson would continue to provide support for PKU's academic research, personnel training and international cooperation, especially for the archaeological excavations and cultural inheritance of the Silk Road research projects.

At the ceremony, Qiu awarded Rawson the Honorary Professor Certificate of Peking University. Two undergraduates from the School of Archaeology and Museology wore her the badge of PKU and presented her with flowers.

At the scene of the award ceremony

Rawson presented a lecture about "Discovering Ancient China - Jade, Bronze and Silk Road", and shared how she forged indissoluble bonds with Chinese arts and archaeology in communication with archaeologists of Peking University. She also appreciated the opportunities to probe into China's history and culture and introduce them to Europe.

Written by: Liu Jie
Edited by: Wei Yunqi
Source: PKU News (Chinese)