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[Caizhai Lecture] Chen Xing: When chemistry meets biology

NOV . 12 2019
Peking University, Nov. 12, 2019: On November 7th, 2019, Professor Chen Xing, dean of College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering of PKU, systematically described the development process, research characteristics, and cutting-edge direction of chemical biology as an interdisciplinary subject. Combined with the research results of his research group, Chen also emphatically introduced several examples of using chemical methods to solve important scientific problems in glycobiology.

Chen giving his lecture

Chen began his introduction of the development and research characteristics of chemical biology with the characteristics of chemistry and biology. As chemistry intertwines much with biology, chemical biology emerged in the 1990s as an interdisciplinary subject aiming at promoting scientific discoveries through the collaborative innovation of chemical and biological concepts and tools. Chen further talked about the research direction of chemical glycobiology in the light of some important issues in biology and summarized the application prospect of chemical glycobiology, pointing out that glycosylation is the research focus in the post-genomic era.

Lecture Scene

In the Q&A section, Chen answered questions from students about the immune recognition of pathogens, the medical and health care functions of oligosaccharides, and the time scale of glycosylation, which deepened the students’ understanding of the specific problems related to chemical biology.

Written by: Wei Qijia
Edited by: Zhou Yijing
Source: PKU News (Chinese)