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International Workshop “Chinese Civilization on the Silk Road” held

NOV . 21 2019
Peking University, Nov. 15, 2019: On 9th and 10th, November, the International Academic Workshop on “Chinese Civilization on the Silk Road”, hosted by the International Academy of Chinese Studies (IACS) of Peking University took place in Daya Hall. More than 20 scholars from different countries, such as Britain, America, Russia and Japan, attended the workshop and several graduates audited the symposium.

The opening ceremony of the workshop was hosted by Rong Xinjiang, organizer of the workshop and professor of Department of History and Center for Research on Ancient Chinese History. Rong welcomed the scholars attending the symposium and introduced that IACS started a program called Communication History of Chinese Civilization this year. He stated that the workshop, dedicated to the international communication of Chinese culture, was part of the program. The workshop has been held for two times, and this time it focused on the archaeological study and unearthed documents of Han and Tang Dynasty. Rong emphasized that overseas communication of Chinese tangible culture was quite important and that more effort was needed.
The Opening Ceremony

The workshop consisted of 19 academic lectures and six group discussions. The lectures dealt with four topics—the international communication of Chinese culture in regions like Central Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia, the popularity of the bamboo and wooden slips and manuscripts of Han Dynasty in Japan and its historical implications, the local languages of Central Asia and Western Region and Chinese elements embedded in them, the academic and adventure history of Central Asia and Western Region in modern times. During the group discussions, the scholars conferred on the international communication of Chinese culture on the Silk Road from perspectives of history, archeology, art and linguistics.
Scholars giving lectures

At the end of the workshop, Rong said that a collection of the lectures on the workshop will be published. Rong also hoped the next workshop would continue to focus on the topic of the international communication history of Chinese civilization and discuss the topic from perspectives of history, language, archeology, science and art at different times.

Written by: Liu Huihui
Edited by: Huang Yadan
Source: PKU News (Chinese)