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Symposium in honor of 120th anniversary of the birth of library scientist Liu Guojun held

NOV . 22 2019
Peking University, Dec. 19, 2019: On November 13, a symposium in honor of 120th anniversary of the birth of famous library scientist, Liu Guojun, jointly organized by Peking University Library and Department of Information Management, was held in Peking University. In this symposium, in-depth academic exchanges and discussions on Liu’s academic achievements, life stories, academic contributions, and humanistic spirit were conducted. More than 30 experts and scholars attended the meeting and delivered speeches.
Liu Guojun (1899-1980) is a famous library scientist and educator of library science in China. He once worked in the Department of Library Science of University of Nanking, the National Northwestern Library, the Department of Library Science of Peking University, Beijing Library and other institutions. He made great contributions to the construction of the modern library, the research of library science and the development of library science education in China.
Chen Jianlong, director of Peking University Library, expressed his high respect for Liu and hopes that the researchers of library science and librarians can combine the academic theory and practical work, promote mutual communication and use Liu’s thoughts to guide the transformation and development of university libraries. Zhang Jiuzhen, dean of the Department of Information Management, and Wang Dongbo, deputy director of the National Library, also made keynote speeches.
In the academic talk session, Wu Weici, professor from Department of Information Management of Peking University, fully affirmed the historical and practical significance of the symposium and gave a high evaluation of Liu’s contribution to the development of China's libraries, the theoretical research of library science and the development of book classification. Xu Yan, professor from School of Information Management of Nanjing University, and Dong Jun, research fellow from Gansu Provincial Library, also gave academic reports.
In the afternoon session, Wang Zizhou, professor from Department of Information Management of Peking University, made an in-depth analysis of Liu’s important work What is Library Science. Wu Jiannian, research fellow from Jiangnan University Library, analyzed and explained Liu's early academic thought of library science and its origin and development. Zhao Yue, associate research fellow from Chinese Library Classification Editorial Board, comprehensively discussed the influence of Liu on the development of document classification and cataloging of the National Library. 
Group photo of all participants

By this symposium, Peking University Library hopes to provide a platform for experts and scholars to exchange ideas. In the future, it will further analyze Liu’s academic achievements, ideological context and practical experience in library science, inherit and carry forward his moral integrity and scholarship spirit, so as to promote the development of Chinese libraries and the continuous research of library science in the new era.
Written by: Wu Fei
Edited by: Ma Yaoli
Source: PKU News (Chinese)