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Seven Peking University scholars elected as academicians

NOV . 24 2019
Peking University, Nov. 23, 2019: On November 11, the newly elected members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering were announced. Peking University has seven scholars on the list, ranking the first among Chinese universities. So far, Peking University has 83 members of CAS and 18 members of CAE.

Seven PKU academics being inducted into CAS or CAE

In 2019, a total of 64 academics were enrolled as new members of CAS, of which five are from Peking University. They are Professor Gao Yuanning (School of Physics), Professor Tang Chao (Academy for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies), Professor Zhang Jiping (School of Mathematical Sciences), Professor Zhang Jin (College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering), and Professor Peng Lianmao (School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science). Moreover, among 75 new members of CAE in 2019, two are from Peking University. They are Wang Jun (Peking University People’s Hospital) and Dong Erdan (Peking University Third Hospital).

Gao Yuanning, dean of the School of Physics, is an experimental physicist whose research areas lie in particle experiments of high energy collider. He leads the study of the LHCb experiment in China and makes important achievements in the discovery of pentaquark in 2015 and doubly charmed baryon in 2017.

Tang Chao, executive dean of Academy for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies and director of Center for Quantitative Biology, has done piles of pioneering work in the fields of statistical physics, complex systems, physical biology, and systems biology, many of which have been written into textbooks.

Zhang Jiping, dean of School of Mathematical Sciences and the deputy director of Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research, is a world-renowned mathematician. He has gained outstanding achievements in the research of Modular Representation Theory in the contemporary age and served as chairman for many international conferences.

Zhang Jin is a professor from the College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, who commits himself to researching carbon nanomaterials. He has published more than 260 papers in well-known journals such as Nature and Nat. Mater.

Peng Lianmao of the School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science specializes in the research of electron microscopy and carbon-based electronics. His contributions won him the second prize of National Natural Science Award in 2010 and 2016.

Wang Jun, director of thoracic surgery at Peking University People’s Hospital, is the first to adopt thoracoscopic surgeries in China. He changed the diagnosis and treatment mode of thoracic surgery and created a minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment system for lung cancer in China.

Dong Erdan, a research fellow at the Institute of Vascular Medicine of Peking University Third Hospital, has been engaged in the basic research of fine blood vessels and the management of medical health and technology. He has gained multiple recognitions from the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

Written by: Liu Jie
Edited by: Wei Yunqi, Huang Weijian 
Source: PKU News (Chinese)