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Peking University Mandarin Speech Contest for International Students 2019 held

DEC . 01 2019
Peking University, Nov. 30, 2019: The 2019 PKU Mandarin Speech Contest for International Students was held November 25 to 27. Themed on “A world without borders, the Future is Now”, the contest was part of Peking University International Culture Festival (ICF) 2019.

In the competition, 36 international students from 22 countries elaborated their thoughts on topics including the rapid development of China and beyond, social issues in China and the rest of the world, and the integration of multi-culture in the global perspective.

The competition of each group was hosted by four international students and judged by five teachers. The judges scored the contestants in terms of language, content, performance, time, and effect. The list of awardees was announced on the spot. Three participants were awarded the first prize, six the second prize, nine the third prize, four the most popular prize, and several honorable prize.

At the competition

Studying in China has led international students into a new world. Coming from all parts of the world, the students gradually got used to and integrated themselves into their life in China and began to fall in love with it. Some gave speeches based on their experiences in China and elaborated on the constant changes of China. Some focused on education and contended that the “Double First-Class” initiative has enabled China to walk into the forefront of the world in many fields. Some also “hoped to better get to know China-a pleasant and comfortable country-in the lifetime”. Meanwhile, some others believed that as long as they kept a sincere heart, the gap among countries would be bridged and the world would be as one global village.

Contestants giving speeches

In addition, learning Chinese has enabled these international students to fall for Chinese culture. “Chinese makes it easier for us to communicate and enables us to have a better understanding of China.” Quoting from The Great Learning and The Book of Rites, candidates shared their views on Chinese philosophy which showed the charm of Chinese traditional culture. The ideas of “integration, sharing, and change” in Chinese modern culture also impressed the international students.

Moreover, the students get to know the charm of multi-culture when learning Chinese. One participant illustrated the predicaments and reconstruction of the identity as a foreign citizen of Chinese origin. Another contestant reflected on Japanese family issues based on the popular TV series All is Well and A Little Reunion. Some students compared the life in China with that of abroad and viewed China in different perspectives. Some tried to find a common core among diverse cultures and called on a borderless world without stereotypes.

The audiences

The rapid development of China arouses their thoughts about daily life. Some international students found that the convenience of smartphones and computers made one feel that “Your beloved ones are right in the pockets.” Some pointed out that online shopping served as an epitome of a world without borders. Nevertheless, some argued that technology broadened people’s gaps in hearts and suggested that people should slow down to experience the essence of life.

Besides, the international students set forth their thoughts in the global perspective and expressed their willingness to shoulder the responsibility. Faced with various problems, students in their speeches talked about their understanding of globalization and argued that “people should think in a way without personal bias.” “There are reasons for the existence of nationalism, but we should, at the same time, have a better understanding of different cultures and establish a borderless world.” “Rejecting mutual development and sticking to national protectionism” would hinder the progress of human society; people should respect one another. Therefore, only when human beings collaborate will problems like poverty be truly solved.

The Mandarin Speech Contest for International Students is not only a platform for students to demonstrate their Chinese learning achievements and enthusiasm, but also an opportunity to showcase the development of Chinese education at the School of Chinese as a Second Language.

The award ceremony and awardees

Written by: Cao Tianyi
Edited by: Wei Yunqi
Source: PKU News (Chinese)