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Scholars gather to discuss mechanisms for undertaking major projects

DEC . 13 2019
Peking University, Dec. 05, 2019:  On November 21, PKU Guanghua School of Management hosted a symposium to discuss mechanisms for undertaking major national projects and their investment and financing modes. The symposium invited more than 20 distinguished guests, including heads of government agencies, members of relevant research teams, scholars who undertake major projects. Meanwhile, the event also attracted over 200 attendees 

The symposium

Wang Bo, vice president of Peking University, delivered a welcome speech at the symposium. Wang noted that the development of PKU coincides with that of China, so the university will remain committed to making contributions to the country through constant cooperation with government sectors and industries.

Gao Gao, deputy secretary general of National Development and Reform Commission, pointed out that major projects that are included in the national development plan have a far-reaching influence on almost all aspects of socio-economic growth. Therefore, the symposium is expected to bring joint efforts to shape a brighter future of China.

Liu Qiao, dean of Guanghua School of Management, argued that the infrastructure development played a significant role in China’s economic growth over the past 40 years. Guanghua’s Thought Leadership Initiative aims to conduct research on relevant issues, thus boosting a sound economic development.

Two panel discussions focused on the implementation of major national projects and the general trend of China’s development were respectively held afterwards. According to the panelists, the major national projects will serve as a catalyst fueling China’s social and economic development.

Written by: Bai Qingwen
Edited by: Ma Yaoli
Source: PKU News (