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From Peking University to the World: Education Abroad Program

NOV . 27 2020
Peking University, November 27, 2020: Peking University Education Abroad Program (PKUEAP) hopes to provide a platform for PKU students to study abroad. We provide both short and long-term programs for students to explore the world. At the same time, PKUEAP aims to leverage on the experiences of PKUEAP-ers to raise the level of internationalism at PKU.

PKU has established partnerships with nearly 400 academic and research institutions in nearly 70 countries and territories. We also have close ties with over 80 world-renowned universities and a total of 110 university-wide exchange programs and more than 30 short-term programs.

Over the past 10 years, PKUEAP has grown from strength to strength: the number of students studying abroad has leaped from less than 3,000 students in 2011 to 5,600 in 2019, with a cumulative total exceeding 40,000 students.

PKUEAP aims to provide a high-quality platform for students to be acquainted with various cultures.

Not only will PKU students get to expand their horizons, but they will also get the opportunity for self-improvement amid their global journeys.

Since 2011 when PKUEAP was first established, PKU has been organizing annual PKUEAP Study Abroad Fairs where we invite prestigious academic institutions from all over the world to interact with our students.

The past 10 years have been great with all of your support; we look forward to a future where more students can join us on their journey as they fulfil their global aspirations. 
Visit our Chinese website at: http://pkueap.pku.edu.cn/   

Written by: Ng Joong Hwee
Edited by: Amanda Hu, Estella Zhang Qiming, Xu Haolun
Photo credit to: PKU Office of International Relations, University of Canterbury
Source: PKU Office of International Relations