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3 PKU Research Results Awarded

MAR . 16 2009

Peking University, Beijing, March 2nd, 2009: The Chinese Academy of Sciences issued the “2009 Scientific Development Report” which included eight separate categories. The forth section “Chinese Scientists Most Representative Work from 2008” introduced fifteen world class research results, three of which were accomplished by PKU research members. They included:


Physics Department Professor Gong Qihuang’s research team found significant findings in the field of Mesoscopic Optics. The research paper was published in Nature Photonics.


Collaboration between Professor Wang Yugang’s research team from the State Key Laboratory of Nuclear Physics & Technology and the Institute of Chemistry Chinese Academy of Science achieved relevant progress in the preparation of synthetic ion channels. “Acid Based Reaction of Synthesized DNA Nano-Scaled Channel” was published in the Journal of the American Chemistry Society and mentioned again later as a “Research Spotlight” in Nature magazine.


Professor Cheng Heping’s research group, from the Institute of Molecular Medicine, made large advancements in their research in reactive oxygen species (ROS). “Superoxide Flashes in Single Mitochondria” was published with illustration in Cell magazine. The research results were deemed as 2008’s “Top Ten Technology Advancements of Chinese Institutions of Higher Education” by the Ministry of Education Science and Technology Committee.


Edited By: Wang Yi

Translated By: Connie Chang

Source: PKU News (Chinese)