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United Nations Foundation Delegation Met with PKU Teachers and Students

NOV . 02 2009

Peking University, Beijing, Oct. 30, 2009: On the morning of Oct. 27th, delegation of UN Foundation visited PKU and had a discussion with representatives of teachers and students from PKU. Members of delegation included Mr. Ted Turner, Chairman of the Board and Founder of CNN, Mr. Timothy Wirth, President of the UN Foundation, Mr. Kofi Annan, former Secretary-General of the UN, Mr. Muhamma Yunus, Economist from Bangladash and Laureate of the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize, Mrs. Emma Rothschild, Professor for Economic History from the History Department of Harvard University, Chinese Directors of the UN Foundation, Mrs. Yuan Ming, Professor of the School of International Studies at Peking University and other representatives. Professor Wu Zhipan, ExecutiveVice Chairman of Peking University Council, Professor Ke Yang, Executive Vice President of Peking University and Vice Chairman of the Medical Department of Peking University, Mr. Li Yansong, Assistant to the President of Peking University and Director of the Office of International Relations, Professor Wang Jisi, Dean of the School of International Studies as well as other renowned scholars of the School, Professor Chen Shiyi, Dean of the Business School, Professor Zheng Xiaoying, Director of the Institute of Population Studies, Professor Yao Yang, Vice Dean of the National School of Development and Lu Zhi, Professor of the Department of Life Science have given welcome to the Delegation. Over 100 student representatives from all departments and student groups have taken part in a lively discussion with the Delegates.  



Former Secretary-General, Mr. Kofi Annan took part in the discussion


Peking University student representatives together with the Board of Directors of the UN Foundations



At 9:30 am, the Delegates arrived at Chen Shouren International Conference Center at Peking University. Mr. Li Yansong briefly introduced the Delegates. In the name of Peking University Mr. Wu Zhipan delivered a welcome speech to the Delegates on their visit to Yanyuan during the golden October. Mr. Wu pointed out that patriotism, progress, democracy and science are the core elements of PKU’s longstanding tradition and that it attaches a great importance to international exchange and cooperation in the new age. He also said that the 2008 financial crisis had taught us that development and world peace can only be achieved by strengthening the dialogue and cooperation. The world appears to be smaller and smaller while our exchange becomes more intense.


Afterwards, Zhang Dantong, a 2007 undergraduate student from the School of International Studies and President of the Peking University Model United Nation introduced Peking University to the Delegates. She interpreted the abbreviation of Peking University, PKU, as “passionate, knowledge and understanding” and introduced the purpose, characteristics and achievements of PKU’s international exchange to the Delegates. At the end of the ceremony, Mr. Wirth, President of the Foundation gave a speech in the name of the Foundation Delegation. After the welcoming ceremony, the Delegates visited the campus accompanied by PKU student. The Delegates were very impressed by the beauty of the campus.


After the campus tour, the Delegates were divided into four groups and had a face-to-face discussion with students, respectively at the Chen Shouren International Conference Center, Ling Hu Xuan, Zhifu Xuan at the National School of Development and ParkardConference Room. The discussions centred on four main topics: “The United Nations and the Dream of the Youth”, “The Media and Enhancing Understandings”, “Microcredit and Progress in Reducing Poverty” and “China and Global Medical Affairs”. During the discussion, reflecting both their personal experience and China’s situation, PKU students talked about the wish of the Chinese young students to devote themselves to the global public affairs, which deeply impressed the Delegates. During the one hour discussion, PKU students and the leaders of the global public affairs learned from each other by exchanging views in a lively atmosphere, which became a unique part of the autumn sight on the campus.


Later, the Delegates headed to Yan Nan Garden No.56 to attend the Guqin (a traditional Chinese seven stringed instrument) performance of the student representatives. While listening to the melodious rhyme of the Guqin, the Delegates enjoyed a Chinese traditional tea ceremony. Being immersed in the ancient sight of Yan Nan Garden, the all-round sound of the Guqin and the fine tasting Chinese tea, the Delegates found themselves in the midst of an unforgettable cultural trip to China and the taste of Peking University’s unique flavour.



Edited by: Xiang Yunke

Translated by: Zhuang Tianyuan

Source: PKU News(Chinese)