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“Australia-China Partnership in Health” Forum Opened in Beijing

NOV . 20 2009

Beijing Hotel, Beijing, Nov. 20th, 2009: The “Australia-China Partnership in Health” Forum opened in the Beijing Hotel on Nov. 13th and was hosted by the University of Sydney and co-organized by Peking University Health Science Center. Vice-minister Jiefu Huang of the Ministry of Public Health, a large number of leaders and experts in various divisions of the Ministry of Public Health attended the forum. In addition, Vice-director of Peking University Health Science Center Xian Wang, Vice Division Chief of the Office of Academic Affairs Yan Xu, Office of International Relations’ Division Chief Qiudan Sun and Vice Division Chief Lei Zhang, along with 40 students and professors from Peking University Health Science Center, also attended the Forum.


Michael Spence, President of the University of Sydney, and Jiefu Huang gave the opening speech. Then, Professor Bruce Robinson, Dean of the University of Sydney Medical School, Xian Wang and a few others gave different speeches during the meeting. The forum was hosted by Professor John Hearn, the Vice-President of the University of Sydney.


Huang claimed that the partnership between China and Australia have a profound history. In recent years, the cooperation in public health between the two countries enjoys the characteristics of broad-fields and multi-layers, with the contribution to both the citizens of the two countries and the development of public health in the world. Additionally, he also stated that he hoped the cooperation in public health between academic institutes of the two countries can be deepened through holding this Forum.


The Forum focused mainly on three themes: “Australia-China public health development”, “hot topics of clinical studies” and “the training of doctors in the 21st century”. Vice-Director of Peking University Health Science Center Xian Wang displayed an important presentation entitled of “China-Australia Educational Cooperation—Nurturing Future Doctors”. In the presentation, he first described the current condition of Chinese education in public health and then he talked about the educational policy of the Peking University Health Science Center. After that, he also talked about the cooperation program in health science and talent nurturing between China and Australia. After the report, Xian Wang and Dr. Lyndal Trevena, the Vice-Director of the University of Sydney Medical School, discussed the prospective of China-Australia cooperation in a thematic interaction. Additionally, Professor Tuohong Zhang from the Department of Public Health gave a report entitled, “Reformation of China’s Public Health System”.


With the new situation in the world, how to strengthen the communication in the field of public health between China and Australia and how to make medical education structure better are some issues that need special attention. Improving the construction of the subject of medicine and nurturing medical talents are also some main issues in the discussion. This forum not only realizes the dialogue between policy-makers and experts, but also offers an exchange platform in developing the subject of medicine and nurturing talents for China and Australia.


Translated by: An Jiang
Edited by: Cai Ying
Source: PKU News (Chinese)