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The delegation of Peking University visits the UK’s universities, colleges, and institutes

NOV . 02 2015
Peking University, Nov 1, 2015: From October 19 to October 22, 2015,Professor Zhu Shanlu, chairman of Peking University Council, leads a delegation to attend the annual meeting of Confucius Institutes and Confucius Classrooms across the UK. The delegation of Peking University also visits the Imperial College, the Cambridge University, the Oxford University, the Rhodes Trust and other well-known Universities and Institutes of the UK. The main goal of this visit is to learn about the UK’s management mechanism of university and college, and to develop a further cooperation between two sides on the former basis.

On October 22, China’s President Xi Jinping attends the opening ceremony of the annual meeting of Confucius Institutes and Confucius Classrooms across the UK in London. He meets the representatives of Chinese and British universities and delivers an address. On behalf of Peking University, Professor Zhu Shanlu also attends the opening ceremony and is received by President Xi Jinping. Professor Zhu briefly reports the relevant process of the co-building of Confucius Institutes between Peking University and the London University Institute of Education.

Professor Zhu Shanlu delivers a speech at the opening ceremony

In the Imperial College, Professor Zhu and his colleagues pay a visit to the Chancellor, Professor Alice Gast and the Vice Chancellor, Professor Maggie Dallman. Professor Alice Gast and Professor Maggie Dallman introduce the management characteristics as well as the college and discipline construction of the Imperial College respectively to the guests. Professor Zhu hopes to continue to strengthen the cooperation in science study between two universities, and invites Chancellor Alice Gast to Beijing Forum held in Beijing. He also hopes that Peking University gives full play to its advantage in humanities and social science and that it can realize a strong-strong union between Peking University and the Imperial College.

The group photo of Professor Zhu Shanlu and Professor Alice Gast

In the Cambridge University, Professor Zhu and his colleagues visit the Jesus College, the Needham Research Institute and the Trinity College. They are shown around the Center for China, which is under construction, by Professor Ian White, dean of the Jesus College. Once completed, the Center for China will play a critical role in the think tank for China-UK relations, interdisciplinary research, students and scholars exchange and other fields.

Professor Ian White and Professor Zhu Shanlu exchange their gifts

In the Oxford University, the Vice Chancellor professor Wlliam James deeply interacts with the delegation of Peking University. He introduces the relevant conditions of Oxford University and his study in pathology and immunology. Professor Zhu says that Peking University Health Science Center and its attached hospitals have advantage in clinical and research fields. He invites Professor William James to visit Peking University and hopes that the two sides can develop a further cooperation in relating fields.

Professor William James presents a gift to Professor Zhu Shanlu

During the stay at Oxford University, the delegation of Peking University also pays a return visit to the Rhodes Trust in order to strengthen the cooperation between two sides and encourage more outstanding students of Peking University to acquire the Rhodes Scholarships. Besides, Professor Zhu hopes that the Rhodes Scholarships extends its influence in the Asian area and sets up a representative office in Peking University as a contact center in eastern Asia.

The delegation of Peking University also takes part in the orientation of the alumni association of Peking University across the UK. On behalf of the alma mater, Professor Zhu expresses greetings to the alumni association, and introduces the recent condition of Peking University and its coming 120th anniversary. He hopes that new members of the alumni association will study hard and keep on representing the spirit of Peking University. He also encourages other alumni to make outstanding contribution in their fields.

Written by: Xie Changli

Edited by: Ouyang Yixuan

Source: PKU News Center