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Vladimir Yakunin visits Peking University

NOV . 14 2015
Peking University, Nov 13, 2015:On the afternoon of November 5th, Vladimir Yakunin, the founding chairman of the World Public Forum "Dialogue of Civilizations"and the former president of the Russian railway company, gave a lecture in Peking University. The topic of his speech was Reflections On the Theory of the Dialogue of Civilizations for Developing Long-Term Relations Between China and Russia.

Vladimir Yakunin

First of all, Mr.Yakunin gave a brief introduction of the the World Public Forum "Dialogue of Civilizations". He said that this forum had been active in the international arena for more than ten years. It started with the reconstruction of the multi polar world order considerations by the initial several supporters, and then got in-depth development in many aspects, which involves various international issues, including the peaceful development, poverty population, hegemony, etc.

Vladimir Yakunin said that the original intent of the establishment of this forum was  to support and protect diversity of civilization. He also said that the aim of the forum was to promote common development of mankind and that it was necessary for us to establish a new social and economic order, which should  keep the existing institutions and  establish an ideal dialogue in the current crisis, in order to guarantee the individual's prosperity.

In the speech, Mr. Yakunin expounded the essense of cultural exchanges of the World Public Forum: to avoid the increasing tension between civilizations, to avoid any organization in a certain way, to establish a dialogue between non-Abraham countries and other civilizations; to call for universal development of human beings, to break through the European centralism and to build a moral perfection.

In the end, Vladimir
Yakunin said he hoped that people could promote open dialogues and build understandings between different civilizations. He expected a new order of the world to be developed and maintained in the future, which would be more equitable, peaceful and humane, .

Reported by: Shang Baoyue
Edited by: Ouyang Yixuan