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The PKU Team Wins in China Robot Competition and the RoboCup China Open 2008

DEC . 17 2008

Peking University, Beijing, December 16, 2008:  The China Robot Competition and the RoboCup China Open 2008 was held in Zhongshan Torch Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone from December 5 to 7. Supported by the State Key Laboratory of Turbulence Flow and Complex System and leaded by Prof. Xie Guangming, the SharPKUngfu Team of the Institute of Technology of Peking University (PKU) attended the competition and won the champion in three categories, including Microsoft robot soccer and Standard Platform 4 legged Challenge.

The China Robot Competition and the RoboCup China Open is the most influential and authoritative robotics competition as well as an academic conference and exhibition for robotic technology in China. It is also becoming one of the activities that is attracting the cutting-edge robot technology industry and other related international talents both in China and in Asia.  Since 1999, it has attracted many leading experts in this field both at home and abroad. In this Competition, there were 420 teams from 120 universities and institutes participating, such as PKU, Tsinghua University, Harbin Institute of Technology and Shanghai Jiao Tong University. In addition, this year’s Competition also caught the attention of China’s mainstream media.

The Intelligence Control Laboratory of the PKU Institute of Technology has committed to the researches on the Multi-agent Collaboration, Networked Systems, and Intelligent Bionic Robot for a long time, and has successfully developed the bionic robot fish, bionic robot dolphin, and biped robot and has applied for a number of national invention patents. The water polo match in the competition covered areas of artificial intelligence, automatic control, mechanics, computers, sensor, wireless communication, precision machinery, and bio-materials, which is connected closely to one of the great international challenges of making a number of robots to achieve real-time sensing, communication, collaboration and decision making in a dynamic, unpredictable environment currently.

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The China Robot Competition is a top-level event in robot intelligence in China, which is also the only international robot competition authorized to be held in China by both Robot World Cup (RoboCup) and Federation of International Robot-soccer Association (FIRA). The aim of the Competition is to develop robot technology and popularize the robot culture. Also in the mean time to inspire the interests of today’s youth in developing and applying the high technology, and also to train them as the future talents for the innovation and promotion of the robot technology. This competition is an activity integrated of technology, sports, and culture, and represents the highest level of China’s research in the robotics field which has a strong influence both at home and abroad.

The RoboCup China Open is one of the top five opens of RoboCup. RoboCup is an organization to combine football with computer artificial intelligence. The robot football competition held by RoboCup has become most influential in similar international robot competitions and is named the “world cup” in the robot football areas. Recently, over 300 teams from 80 countries have attended this activity. The aim of RoboCup is to beat the human champion team of the World Cup by the autonomous humanoid robot team in 2050.           

Edited by: Yan Jiefei

Translated by: Su Juan

Source: PKU News (Chinese)