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Symposium Held to Commemorate 30 Years of Restoring of China’s Graduate Students Recruiting

DEC . 29 2008

Peking University, Beijing, December 23, 2008:A memorial symposium was held to commemorate 30 years of China’s Restoring of Graduate Students Recruiting at the Overseas ExchangeCenterof Peking University.30 years have passed since the reform and opening up policy, China’s Recruiting of Graduate Students has also been restored for 30 years. Around 20 guests were present to conclude the past 30 years of master’s education, analyzing the challenges and opportunities faced in this enterprise, and to forecast the future of China’s education.


This meeting was held by the Association of Chinese Graduate Schools (ACGS).  Among others, present at this forum were Ministry of Education vice-minister Zhao Qinping , Director of Academic Degrees Committeeof the State Council Academician Yang Yuliang, President of Peking University Academician Zhou Qifeng, President of Tsinghua University Academician Gu Binglin.


The meeting was hosted by Xiamen University Vice-President Academician Sun Shigang. Sun summarized improvements made in the past 30 years of China’s Graduate Education. He stated that in the 30 years after China’s reform, the scale of Chinese Graduate Education has expanded greatly; this led our country to becoming one of the main Graduate Student Educating countries. With the Country and the Graduate Student Training Organizations active development towards international exchange, the increase in graduate supervisors, China has educated and trained many of the world’s elite, who have made and will make great contributions to the development of China’s social economy and culture.


Ministry of Education vice-minister Zhao Qinping said, on the 30th year after the reform and opening-up policy, this forum will be directed mainly towards the progress made in the Chinese Graduate Education in the past 30 years to provide methods of improvement for the graduate education in the future.


President of Peking University Academician Zhou Qifeng spoke on China’s Graduate Education’s increasing speed of growth. He emphasized that under the guidance of our country’s scientific development concept, the country has set higher standards for our graduate education system. He went on to say that the various Universities should learn from the past 30 years of experience, to keep up the good work we have done so far, continue to raise the quality of our graduate students, and carry on changing China from a strong human resources country to a great human resources country.


Others including Principle of Zhejiang University and Academician Yang Wei, and Director of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council Academician Yang Yuliang also spoke at the forum.


To conclude the meeting, the guests discussed matters such as reasonable distribution of graduate education recourses, improving the entrance examination methods, increasing doctorate scholarships and other economical support.


Edited by: Wang Yi

Translated by: Connie Chang

Source: PKU News (Chinese)