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Peking University Sets up the First Public Health Research and Teaching Base in Malawi

DEC . 14 2017
Peking University, Dec. 12, 2017: The founding ceremony of the Malawi Research and Teaching Base of Peking University School of Public Health was held in Lilongwe, capital of Malawi, on November 21st local time. Wang Shiting, Chinese ambassador to Malawi, Gertrude Mutharika, Malawi’s First Lady, Atupele Muluzi, Malawi Minister of Health and Population, Meng Qingyue, dean of School of public health of Peking University and another over 100 people from Peking University, the University of Malawi, Chinese medical team in Malawi and representatives from local NGOs attended the ceremony.

Agreement Signing

At the ceremony, Malawi’s First Lady Gertrude accepted the invitation by Peking University School of Public Health to serve as honorary professor of global health. On behalf of all Malawi’s global health-related workers, Gertrude expressed her gratitude to Peking University School of Public Health. She said that the establishment of the Malawi Research and Teaching Base of Peking University School of Public Health is a significant moment for Malawi, and the cooperation with Peking University will become a platform to improve human resources in health, gather all forces against the challenges facing pubic health in Malawi, and create more opportunities and benefits for China and Malawi.

It is understood that the base is co-founded by Peking University School of Public Health and Malawi Participatory Rural Development Organization and it will focus on strengthening the construction of global health talent teams, cooperate fully with Malawi medical schools and medical institutions in such aspects as global health, maternal and child health, infectious diseases and health policies, and regularly send teachers and students for medical research and practice. The base will also play a role in connecting the governments, people and governmental and non-governmental organizations of these two countries, provide decision-making consultations for Chinese Embassy in Malawi through research and practice in medical field, and serve local residents and oversea Chinese there through mutual support with Chinese medical team in Malawi.

Group Photo

Written by: Wu Zhaoxia
Edited by: Liu Xin, Zhang Jiang
Source: Xinhua News Agency
Link: http://bynew.bjmu.edu.cn/zhxw/2017n/193079.htm