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PKU Vice President Tian Gang and Yuanpei College Officials meet with Yale Vice President

MAR . 28 2018
Peking University, March 28, 2018: On March 26, Pericles Lewis, vice President for Global Strategy at Yale University, met with Peking University Vice President Tian Gang and Yuanpei College Dean E Weinan and Deputy Dean Zhang Xudong, where the two sides discussed cooperation in teaching, research, and student exchanges. Vice President Gang also expressed his thanks to Peter Salovey, the President of Yale, for agreeing to participate in PKU’s 120th anniversary celebrations, and his hope that the two universities can broaden their cooperation in the future.

Before the meeting, Vice President Lewis visited Yuanpei College and spoke with teachers and students there. Lewis talked about the creation and development of the Yale-NUS College and undergraduate education in the United States. Both sides discussed course development as well as teacher selection and recruitment. E Weinan spoke about Yuanpei’s current developments and how he considers Yuanpei a testing ground for reforms at Peking University. Through several generations of students, Yuanpei has made numerous contributions to educational reform at Peking University.

Over the past few years, Yuanpei College has strived to create an elite education with Chinese characteristics, stressing the importance of cultivating a proper system of values and morality in students and steadily pushing forward with reforms. Professor Li Meng, teacher representative at Yuanpei College, also discussed the core curriculum system in general education with Vice President Lewis. Zhang, who has known Lewis for many years, also spoke with him on a few issues related to their shared academic discipline.

Written by: Trevor
Edited by: Zhang Jiang
Source: PKU News (Chinese)