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Peking University’s 120th Anniversary & PHBS UK Campus Opening Ceremony held

MAR . 29 2018
Peking University, March 20, 2018: Right before Peking University’s 120th Anniversary, the special exhibition of Peking University’s 120th anniversary and the initiation of the UK campus of PHBS is opened at the same time in Oxfordshire, UK, and Shenzhen, China. 

The exhibition

The exhibition is divided into 10 parts according to time sequence and the developing progress. It combines the history of Peking University and HSBC Business School and introduces basic information of PHBC UK Campus.

The first part of the exhibition is the preface, which summarizes the 120-year history of Peking University, the establishment of Peking University HSBC Business School and the founding of its UK Campus. It also pointed out the significance of Peking University in the development of Chinese higher education.

The first part: Preface

The second part reviews the early history of Peking University. As the first national comprehensive university founded in 1898, PKU was first named “Imperial University of Peking”, and changed its name to the present “Peking University” in 1912. This part also displays Peking University as the origin of the New Culture Movement and the May Fourth Movement and introduces the lives of three early presidents of Peking University as well as the university’s international rankings.

 The second part: Rooting in Peking University

The third part is “Peking University in Shenzhen”, illustrating the developing history of Shenzhen Graduate School of Peking University. Shenzhen Graduate School, basing itself both on the scientific and humanistic heritages of Peking University and the creative culture of Shenzhen, explores a new way to cultivate talents. This part also illuminates the school’s philosophy, educational goals, and current department division.

The third part: Peking University in Shenzhen

The fourth part depicts the foundation and development of Peking University HSBC Business School (PHBS). Founded in 2004, PHBS bears functions of education, research, and social service. On August 30, 2008, HSBC Bank donated 150 million RMB to assist Peking University in establishing a world-class Business School, therefore “Shenzhen Business School of Peking University” was officially titled “Peking University HSBC Business School”. It also briefly introduces the school’s motto, educational goal, degree and non-degree projects, and the authentication and honors given to the school building.

The fourth part: Development of PHBS

The fifth part of the exhibition highlights HSBC Business School’s international teaching community, as well as the school’s impressive accolades and global collaborative efforts. HSBC Business School currently boasts 67 full-time faculty members, all of them graduated from elite universities such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Chicago, Columbia University, and other esteemed universities in the world. The school also has cooperative relationships with 110 colleges and institutions from 42 countries on 6 continents.

The fifth part: Globalization of PHBS

The sixth part of the exhibition portrays the various research institutes, financial laboratories and research projects of Peking University’s HSBC Business School. The school’s professors are actively involved in diverse scientific research programs and are responsible for numerous national-level, municipal-level, and enterprise-related projects.

The sixth part: Research Institutes and Projects of PHBS

The seventh part of the exhibition illustrates HSBC Business School’s dedication to nurturing well-rounded individuals who not only excel academically but are exemplary in other skills and talents as well. Since the construction of the school in 2004, PHBS has fostered a large number of commercial and financial talents. Also, the school’s EMBA, MBA, and EDP programs help entrepreneurs to stay updated with the latest economic trends, gain the necessary knowledge and improve their productivity.  

The seventh part: Instructional Development of PHBS

The eighth part of the exhibition gives a brief summary of PHBS UK Campus. In February 2017, Peking University’s HSBC Business School acquired the Open University Oxford Campus in Oxfordshire, UK, and established the UK campus. As it is the first time a Chinese university has independently built and managed its own entity abroad, the establishment of the UK Campus is a monumental development both for PKU and China’s higher education.

The eighth part: PHBS UK Campus

The ninth part of the exhibition is divided into two sections, namely the concluding remarks and Dean Hai Wen’s previous inscriptions for new years and graduations. HSBC Business School aspires to preserve its efforts in academic research, student development, social service and international outreach, so as to further refine Peking University’s education system.

The ninth part: Inscriptions of PHBS Dean Hai 

The tenth and final part of the exhibition is PHBS’s memorabilia, where the major events are displayed in a chronological order starting from the school’s establishment in 2004. The events include the creation of cooperative mentoring programs, the enrolment of its first batch of postgraduates in Western Economics, the recruitment of foreign students, the obtainment of EPAS and LEED certifications, and the founding of the UK campus.

The tenth part: PHBS Major Events

As one of the major events for the 120th anniversary of Peking University, this exhibition was launched on March 21, 2018, and will continue until May 31st.

Written by: Hu Yue & Kemerly Wang

Edited by: Zhou Yijing