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Former French President Francois Hollande visits PKU

MAY . 31 2018
Peking University, May 29, 2018: On May 25, Francois Hollande, former French president, visited Peking University and delivered a speech on the theme of “European Integration”. Mr. Hollande talked about European Union’s advantages, risks, solutions to challenges, and the relationship between China and Europe. He also communicated with PKU students present. The lecture was held by Professor Dong Qiang, dean of PKU Department of French.

Mr. Hollande making a speech

Mr. Hollande pointed out that European Union is a very stable political and economic unity because of its unified market and currency. Urging for stability all the time, EU has been trying to avoid conflicts and wars, which promotes the development of its members and enlarges its influence continuously. However, under the present international circumstances, EU is also faced with many risks and challenges. But Mr. Hollande claimed that Europe has made full preparation. According to him, Europe will continue to be the supporter of international peace by insisting on alliance strategy and showing European’s openness, democracy, and freedom.

In terms of the relationship between China and EU, Mr. Hollande mentioned that as the largest trade partner of China, EU will promote the investment and development between China and EU. In the field of economy, China and EU could look for a common stance. He said that EU welcomes China’s proposal of “the Belt and Road Initiative”.

After the lecture, students from different countries asked questions about his presidency, the relationship between France and Germany, as well as other hot issues. Hollande made sincere and humorous replies, provoking favorable response from the audience.

Written by: Zhong Yaoqiong

Edited by: Xie Changli
Source: PKU News (Chinese)