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[PKU International Culture Festival 2018] On-campus exhibitions and carnivals

OCT . 23 2018
Peking University, Oct. 22, 2018: Oct. 21 has witnessed the official opening of the 15th Peking University International Culture Festival in 2018. With a history of 15 years, the festival is expected to offer people more excitement and closer access to the world. Among all the main activities, on-campus exhibitions and carnivals available from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the Peking University Hall Plaza, come undoubtedly as a landmark of the day.

At least 50 countries from all over the world showed themselves here on the plaza in the form of exhibition booths. From Zambia in South Africa, to Egypt in the north part of the same continent; from Spain to Italy and then to the border of Europe and Asia, the trip led us across Turkey into the land of China. Original specialties of Japan attracted our eyes and wonderful performances of Singapore urged us to stay for more fun. As such, it may be possible for people to go on a world voyage within a single day.

Although each booth did not occupy too much space, it told an informative story of the displayed country. It's a common view that crowds of people got packed in front of the booth or moved shoulder to shoulder, hunting for next destination. Those coming for the show can get a basic understanding of the target country through its delicious food, photos of scenic spots, folk costumes, language teaching, quiz games, dance performances, etc. Typically, in each booth there stood several native students and a Chinese volunteer. The former served as a "tour guide", giving basic introduction to the exhibits, which may contain unique culture and traditional customs; the latter helped with the order-keeping and explained the rules of games, if any, to those interested. With their efforts, everyone came in curiosity, and left in satisfaction.

Everything here quite fits into the subject of the whole exhibition, "New Voyage: With you and Beyond".

Reported by:
Guo Xinyu
Edited by: Zhang Jiang