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[PKU International Culture Festival 2018]] From SPbU to PKU

OCT . 23 2018
Peking University, Oct. 23, 2018: Peking University International Cultural Festival 2018 was held on 21th October. Thousands of students from over sixty countries participated in the event.

This year’s festival also welcome two international students from saint Petersburg Russia, Russia, Victoria and Aziza. They both participated in the preparation of the Russian booth and the dance performance on the stage.

“This is really an unforgettable cross-cultural experience,” said Victoria, “It gives me an opportunity to get to know about other countries as well as represent my country.” According to Victoria, the Japanese and the Pakistan booths were really well prepared: their food, traditional costumes, and the decoration where all very well presented. She also added that the Russian students worked hard for the event as well. They wanted to pass on the impression that Russia is a developed, culturally rich country, and that Russian people are proud of this diversity.

Victoria (left) and Aziza (right)

For Aziza, whose major is international studies, this festival was a wonderful opportunity to learn about the history and culture of different countries, yet it also served as a platform to feel the connection with the international community. Much to her delight, she also met a student from her home country, Kyrgyzstan. Aziza commented that apart from the Russian booth, she admired the Korean and German booths for their food and decoration.

According to Victoria and Aziza, there is also a cultural exhibition in Saint-Petersburg State University, where people can enjoy the food and the entertainment representative of different countries. However, in SPbU faculties are separated in different campus, which makes it impossible to organize an event as big as the international cultural festival in PKU. They did mention this advantage of having all faculties on one campus, which promoted the connection of students from all over the world, whether they are exchange students or full time students of the university. They were also impressed by the teamwork of Chinese students and the foreign students during the preparation for the festival.

So far, both girls are quite enjoying the life in PKU. “I like everything here in Peking University, and I hope that this feeling will last the rest of the semester. I wish I would not want to go back home when the exchange ends,” said Victoria.

Aziza expressed her fondness for the festival and was hopeful that this annual event would continue to provide students with an opportunity to connect with each other. “Thank you, Beijing! Hey, Saint Petersburg, I’m here in Beida!”

Reported by: 
Nurzat Kaztay
Edited by: Zhang Jiang