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School of Life Sciences holds the first PKU-UH Life Sciences Forum

DEC . 13 2018
Peking University, Dec. 11, 2018: From December 3 to 4, the first PKU-UH Life Sciences Forum, aiming at promoting academic communication between Peking University and the University of Helsinki in the field of life sciences, was held in Jinguang Life Science Building.

At nine o’clock on December 3, Li Cheng, research fellow from the School of Life Sciences in Peking University, delivered a welcome remark at the opening ceremony. He warmly greeted and introduced the faculty members and students from the University of Helsinki. Then, Dr. Erkki Raulo from the University of Helsinki expressed his deep impression of the rapid development of Peking University. In his address, Dr. Raulo also shared with all conferees his expectation towards the cooperation between Peking University and the University of Helsinki in the field of life sciences.

 Research fellow Li Cheng delivering a welcome remark

In the following two days, 24 researchers reported their studies concerning neurobiology, developmental biology, cancer biology, ecology, etc.

On the morning of December 3, some scholars presented their researches on the pathological incentives of carcinomas. Shishir Mani Pant, one of the distinguished scholars, showed the conferees his research results about the role of a certain protease called “hepsin” in breast cancer. In the afternoon, the rest of the scholars presented their research findings in the field of biochemistry and neurobiology. Later, in the following morning, there were other presentations about ecology, genomics, and other branches of life sciences. For instance, Liu Yuechen analyzed the genomes of 32 tiger specimens from six subspecies, further suggesting the intraspecific evolution of tigers. Syaron Basnet, on the other hand, discovered the relations between chronic diseases and diurnal-nocturnal lifestyle based on the data collected in Finland.

During the presentation

Q & A session

On the closing ceremony in that afternoon, Professor He Xinqiang from the School of Life Sciences in PKU delivered a speech. In the speech, he reflected upon his personal experience in the University of Helsinki and expected that the future exchange and cooperation between the two universities would be further reinforced. Dr. Raulo, in his later speech, congratulated on the successful conclusion of the first PKU-UH Life Sciences Forum and thanked all the organizers and presenters. At the end of the ceremony, representatives from the two universities exchanged souvenirs and took group photos. 

Exchanging souvenirs 

Group Photo

Written by:
Wang Nini
Edited by: Huang Yadan, Xu Liangdi
Source:  PKU News (Chinese)