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PKU President Hao Ping visits Japan

JAN . 11 2019
Peking University, Jan. 5, 2019: From December 24 to 26, President of Peking University Hao Ping led a delegation to visit Japan. 

On December 24, Hao Ping and the delegation visited Ambassador Cheng Yonghua. Hao thanked Ambassador Cheng for his support for Peking University. Hao said that this year marks the 40th anniversary of Treaty of Peace and Friendship between Japan and China, and Peking University has participated in the commemorative activities held by the two countries. For example, in August 2018, Peking University held the second Sino-Japanese Student Exchange Conference, and in October, Peking University received Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Ambassador Cheng welcomed Hao and the delegation. He introduced the current situation of Japan, and expressed his hope to strengthen the communication between the two countries, with an emphasis on the communication between students from two countries.

The delegation of PKU and Ambassador Cheng Yonghua

On the morning of December 25, Hao Ping visited the University of Tokyo. The President of the University of Tokyo, Makoto Gonokami, introduced the current strategic cooperation between the two universities, especially the progress of the East Asian research projects of the two universities. He then expressed his hope to further the cooperation between the two universities through joint research, laboratory projects and summer school programs. Hao said that Peking University has been working closely with the University of Tokyo for many years and hopes to deepen the comprehensive strategic cooperation between the two universities.

President Hao Ping and President Makoto Gonokami

The delegation then visited Waseda University and held talks with President Aiji Tanaka. Hao thanked Waseda University for granting him an honorary doctorate in 2016. He said that WASEDA and PKU have more than 20 years of close cooperation, and expressed his hope that the two universities can carry out more comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in the future.

The delegations from PKU and Waseda University

In the afternoon, Hao arrived at Osaka University to meet with President of the University Shojiro Nishio. Shojiro Nishio mentioned the 40th anniversary of the Treaty of Peace and Friendship between Japan and China and the Sino-Japanese Student Exchange Conference, in which students from Osaka University participated. He also mentioned the communication and cooperation between the Medical Departments of the two universities. Hao pointed out that Peking University and Osaka University have a good tradition of cooperation, and expressed his hope for more in-depth exchanges in the fields of medicine, life science, information science and law.

The delegations from PKU and Osaka University

On the evening of December 25, Hao met with Wata Naoko, chairman of Agon Shu, a Buddhist organization in Japan. She spoke highly of the rapid development of Peking University in recent years and hoped that the two sides could deepen extensive exchanges and cooperation. Hao expressed his gratitude to Agon Shu for setting up an education fund at PKU, and he hoped that Agon Shu would continue to support the development of Peking University.

On the following day, Hao visited Kyoto University. President Juichi Yamagiwa introduced Kyoto University to the delegation. Hao said that Kyoto University is the cradle of scientists and the Alma Mater of many Nobel Prize winners, and expressed his hope that the two universities could strengthen communication and cooperation in talents cultivation and academic exchange.

President Hao Ping and President Juichi Yamagiwa

Written by: Nurzat
Edited by: Xu Penghang
Source: Beida News (Chinese)