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Adecco CEO visits Peking University

JAN . 16 2019
Peking University, Jan. 16, 2019: On January 8, 2019, Alain Dehaze, global CEO of Adecco Group, visited Peking University, together with Frank Wang, chairman of FESCO Group and Huo Lianming, managing director of FESCO Group. Chairman of PKU council Qiu Shuiping, PKU Vice President Chen Baojian were also in attendance to meet the distinguished guests at Linhuxuan.

Qiu Shuiping meeting with Alain Dehaze

Qiu extended his warm welcome to Alain Dehaze and his delegation. He said after 40 years of reform and opening up, China has made remarkable achievements in economic development and the PKU’s alumni have contributed a lot in this process. Peking University looks forward to building cooperative relationship with Adecco and the FESCO Group in the future, aiming to allow more graduates to enjoy as many job opportunities as possible, said Qiu.

Vice President Chen Baojian revealed that PKU graduates are highly sought-after in the job market, and these graduates have a strong desire of working globally nowadays. Moreover, a growing number of PKU graduates have managed to voice themselves on the international stage, so it is very crucial to collaborate with multinational enterprises.

The two sides also conducted in-depth exchanges on talent training and employment. PKU attaches great importance to the career planning of students, and has formulated a training program to enhance students' employability. The globalization of Chinese talents and the localization of global talents in China have become a major trend of talent training today, and PKU has initiated relevant teaching programs that cultivate interdisciplinary talents and provide talents for international organizations. In the future, both sides will work together and offer more internships and job opportunities to PKU students.

Both sides exchanging views

Dehaze said that Adecco welcomes more PKU graduates to the company for internships and full-time jobs. As a leader in the HR industry, Adecco is willing to take on more social responsibilities. The Group is developing the concept of "HR Valley" currently, hoping to strengthen talent training and student employment by connecting universities, employers and human resources companies. Dehaze believed that Peking University will certainly play a vital role in this process.

The two sides both expressed their intentions of further exploring the potential of future cooperation.
Edited by: Huang Weijian
Source: Office of International Relations