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Minister of Education of Belarus visits Peking University

JAN . 17 2019
Peking University, Jan. 17, 2019: A Belarusian delegation led by Igor V. Karpenko, minister of Education of Belarus, paid a visit to Peking University on January 11, 2019. Belarusian State University President Andrei D. Karol and Baranovichi State University President Vasily Ivanovich Kochurko were among the delegates.

Hao Ping exchanging views with Karpenko 

Karpenko noted that 2019 marks the “Belarusian Education Year” in China, and both countries also enjoy a time-honored friendship. As such, he hoped to take this opportunity to collaborate with Peking University in the near future.

Peking University President Hao Ping received the delegation and responded that both sides can seize opportunities to carry out academic exchanges among teachers and students during the initial stage, and gradually establish an intimate partnership in research.

In addition, both sides discussed the potential of establishing a Belarusian Center, and Karpenko also expressed his willingness to dispatch language tutors to Peking University in an attempt to support the development of PKU’s language courses.

Written by: Huang Weijian
Edited by: Zhang Jiang
Source: PKU News (Chinese)