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President of University of Tehran visits Peking University

MAY . 29 2019
Peking University, May 27, 2019: On May 22, Mahmoud Nili Ahmadabadi, president of University of Tehran, Mohammad Bagher Gahlamani, vice president for international affairs and Zamani, vice president for administrative affairs visited Peking University. PKU President Hao Ping and Vice President Wang Bo met the guests at Linhuxuan.

group photo

Hao Ping showed his welcome to President Ahmadabadi and other guests. He said that representing the top universities respectively in the two countries, PKU and UT should continue to strengthen cooperation not only in traditional language teaching research, but in cutting-edge sciences, especially information science, materials science and archaeology, etc. With the “Belt and Road Initiative”, the level of cooperation and exchange between the two universities will be further enhanced, especially after this visit of President Ahmadabadi.

Ahmadabadi thanked Hao Ping for his hospitality. He said that the two universities, as first-class comprehensive universities in Iran and China respectively, have great potential for cooperation and future development. University of Tehran is a world leader in engineering, materials science and petroleum science. He hoped that in the future, the two sides will strengthen cooperation in their advantageous disciplines in the form of joint training, exchange students, and joint research.

Ning Qi, dean of PKU School of Foreign Languages, Xie Bing, vice dean of the School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science  and other faculty members accompanied the meeting.

Written by: Zhang Yujuan 
Edited by: Fu Wenyun
Source: PKU News (Chinese)