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Malaysian Minister of Education visits Peking University

JUL . 19 2019
Peking University, July 13, 2019: On the morning of July 10, Malaysian Minister of Education H.E. Dr. Maszlee Bin Malik led a delegation to visit Peking University. Qiu Shuiping, chair of Peking University Council, held a meeting with the guests.

Qiu Shuiping meeting with Dr. Maszlee Bin Malik

Qiu Shuiping welcomed Dr. Maszlee Bin Malik along with the delegation of Malaysia. He pointed out that the Malaysian delegation’s visit to Peking University fully demonstrated the close economic, political, and educational cooperation between China and Malaysia. Professor Qiu especially stressed that Peking University attached great significance to exchanges with Malaysian universities in the field of education. Moreover, he said, “Peking University looks forward to promoting in-depth cooperation with Malaysian universities in higher education projects and to further deepening the friendship between China and Malaysia people.”

Dr. Maszlee Bin Malik expressed his gratitude for the warm reception. He said that the friendship between Malaysia and China was a precious gift for both countries. He pointed out that the exchanges of culture, especially in the field of education, serving as a communicating bridge between China and Malaysia, promote peace, friendship, and understanding for the two peoples. Thus, Dr. Maszlee Bin Malik hoped that the universities of the two countries could carry out various forms of cooperation in the cause of education.

Written by:
 Li Yangyang
Edited by:  Wang Nini
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