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The delegation of PKU visits three countries in the Middle East along the Belt and Road

SEP . 30 2019
Peking University, Sept 27, 2019: From 15~20 September, Tian Gang, the vice president of Peking University, led a delegation of Peking University to Katar, Kuwait and Lebanon. They visited the most representative universities of the three countries-Qatar University, Kuwait University and Lebanese University. During the visit, Tian met the presidents of these universities and introduced “Global Excellence Strategy”,  the international development strategy of Peking University. They conducted a deep discussion about the cooperation of global and regional studies, life sciences, engineering and public health with these universities.

The delegation also visited Georgetown University in Qatar, the American University of Beirut and some other international universities in the Middle East and exchanged experience on establishing oversea branch campuses and discussed possibilities of future cooperation.

Tian visited Georgetown University in Qatar

This journey greatly promotes the understanding between Peking University and Middle East   institutes and universities. This is of great importance to promote the development of global and regional studies under the Belt and Road Initiative  and is of pioneering significance for further communication.

Written by: Qiu Tianjie
Edited by: Hang Yadan
Source: PKU News (Chinese