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Professor David Kotz from UMass visits School of Marxism

OCT . 21 2019
Peking University, October 21, 2019: On October 15, the famous American Marxist, expert on Soviet Union issues, David Kotz, professor emeritus of Economics from University of Massachusetts Amherst, visited School of Marxism, Peking University. He gave a lecture and later had exchanges with students from School of Marxism as well as international students from Japan, Switzerland and so forth.

At the lecture

Drawing upon his own study experience, together with the Vietnam War and civil rights movements in the 1960s, Kotz introduced the spread and development of Marxism in American and European countries. He made in-depth analyses of the predicaments facing modern capitalist countries: economic crises, war risks, immigrant issues and globalization, etc. He also enquired into the reason of a series of social problems in contemporary America from the perspective of Marxism.

Kotz giving a lecture

On the future of human, Kotz proposed to learn from the evolution of Marxism and to use Marxist approaches to solve modern problems. He believed that we should properly understand the innate conflicts and clashes of capitalist market economy, and use regulations to avail against the possible destructions and risks of capitalism. Meanwhile, Kotz, considering the many crises confronted by capitalism now, remained optimistic about the prospect of world socialist movements. Moreover, Kotz also gave his views on Sino-American trade frictions and on global economic environment.

In the Q&A session of the lecture, Kotz had made interactions and exchanges with the students present. One by one, he gave insightful and detailed answers to students’ questions concerning Soviet Union, American politics, and the future of mankind.

Group photo

Professor Yu Wenli from School of Marxism hosted the lecture and reviewed it. He approved of Kotz’s academic approach of combining theoretical thinking with social practice. Yu believed that Marxism is permanent, and that so is Marxist. With the vigorous and vivacious practice of Marxism in China, Marxism must be thriving and prosperous in the 21st century. At last, he wished Marxism a bright future.

After the lecture, students expressed their own thoughts and feelings freely. They commended the lecture for its evocative topics and thought-inspiring discussions.

Written by: Yang Hongyun
Edited by: Hu Rong
Source: PKU News (Chinese)