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First UN Job Fair draws thousand at PKU

OCT . 31 2019
Peking University, Oct. 31, 2019: On October 27, the first UN Job Fair, co-hosted by China Scholarship Council (CSC) and Peking University, was held at PKU Yingjie Overseas Exchange Center. About 40 HR representatives from 24 UN agencies were invited to the event, attracting more than 1,600 students from 50 universities across China.

UN Job Fair

Vice Secretary-General of CSC Zhang Ning, Vice Director of CSC Selection and Training Department Yang Xiangyi attended the event, along with PKU Vice President Tian Gang and other PKU faculty members.

The event was divided into two parts - booth consultations and career talks. All the invited agencies set up booths, providing students with brochures and face-to-face interaction opportunities with UN representatives. Dozens of students lined up in front of each booth, yearning to acquire more information about internships offered by different agencies.

Career talks were held separately by different UN agencies. The UN representatives made presentations on their core internship programs, types of opportunities available, as well as application procedures. They also answered questions concerning competencies and qualifications they expected and provide career suggestions.

Career talk

UN representatives put a high value on this event, considering it as a good opportunity for both UN agencies and potential internship-seekers. For them, they can not only improve the visibility of agencies, but also boost inter-agency communication. For students, they will know what they are expected from UN agencies, thus making preparations for future career.

Rossella Salvia, head of Information Bureau at UNESCO, said Chinese students are very qualified, quite adaptable and hard-working. Salvia hoped Peking University can continue hosting events like UN Job Fair and overseas study programs in a bid to encourage more Chinese students to go abroad.

Richard Aieollo from International Fund for Agricultural Development said a lot of students here have many areas of expertise, on top of commitment and determination. Aieollo was impressed to encounter some students at the fair who were able to speak more than one foreign language, which is a skill that UN agencies value very much.

China Scholarship Council plays a major role in encouraging students to pursue internship opportunities under the UN system. Although most of the UN internship positions are unpaid, CSC will provide stipends for students interning at international institutions based on local living costs.

Zhang Ning said many Chinese students are unfamiliar with the work and operating mechanisms of international organizations. In the past, China cultivated talents for its modernization drive, but today it is also crucial to train talents that are capable to work in international organizations. “Chinese people tend to see the world through the eyes of China, but we need more talents to see China from a global perspective,” Zhang said. “At present, these talents are very scarce.”

CSC has been working with UN agencies since 2015 in terms of international organization talents selection. In the future, CSC is planning to establish partnerships with more international organizations, carry out more publicity activities and enable students to meet face-to-face with representatives from international organizations. Additionally, Peking University has been playing an active part in this aspect, cooperating with UNESCO, UNICEF and other agencies.

Reported by: Huang Yadan, June Tan Rui Min
Edited by: Huang Weijian