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Peking University's Wang Dong participates in the 11th U.S.-China Political Party Leaders Dialogue

DEC . 03 2019
Peking University, Nov. 26, 2019: From November 18 to 19, the 11th U.S.-China Political Party Leaders Dialogue and U.S.-China Entrepreneurs Roundtable were held by International Department, Central Committee of Communist Party of China in Beijing. First held in 2010, the U.S.-China Political Party Leaders Dialogue aims to strengthen China-U.S. inter-party exchanges and to promote the development of bilateral relations. Wang Dong, executive deputy director of PKU Institute for China-US People-to-People Exchange was invited to deliver a speech at the luncheon.

 The 11th U.S.-China Political Party Leaders Dialogue

Wang Dong delivering the speech

In his speech, Wang Dong talked about the great efforts of Peking University in promoting China-U.S. cultural exchanges, including the recent launching ceremony of the “Berger Memorial Fellowship”. The Fellowship was proposed by Julia Chang Bloch, president of the US-China Education Trust and former U.S. Ambassador to Nepal, and was entrusted by Susan Berger, wife of the late Honorable Samuel Berger who was former National Security Assistant to then U.S President Bill Clinton. To this end, 
Peking University Education Foundation (USA) set up and funded the Fellowship. Wang noted the significance of the Fellowship on promoting educational exchanges, academic research, and the development of China-US relations.

Group photo

On November 19, the U.S.-China Entrepreneurs Roundtable took place, with the theme of “Open and Innovation, Sharing the Future: Opportunities and Challenges of China-U.S. Economic and Trade Cooperation in the New Era”. Representatives from China and the U.S share their insights regarding three sub-topics: 40 years of economic and trade cooperation since the establishment of diplomatic ties; innovation and development; cooperation with local partners and enterprises in China and the United States. Wang Dong was also among the attendees of the discussion and exchanged views with participants.

Written by: Xing Xu
Edited by: Wang Nini
Source: PKU News (Chinese)