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International Peer Review Conference of PKU School of Psychological and Cognitive Sciences held

DEC . 11 2019
Peking University, Dec. 5, 2019: On November 27, the International Peer Review conference of PKU School of Psychological and Cognitive Sciences (SPCS) was held in Tan Siu Lin Center for International Studies. The peer review committee, led by Robert Desimone, director of the McGovern Institute for Brain Research and the Doris and Don Berkey Professor of Neuroscience at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, offered preliminary suggestions to the conference attendees. Present at the conference were PKU President Hao Ping, PKU Vice President Gong Qihuang and other faculty members.

Group photo

Hao Ping expressed his gratitude for the professional dedication and outstanding work of the peer review team and suggested further cooperation in the fields of scientific research and talent cultivation. Hao added that PKU will continue to make efforts to build psychology as the first-class discipline in the world.

The conference scene

The international peer review committee consists of 7 experts from different countries. The experts first made writing reviews of SPCS’s self-evaluation report, and then attended the peer review conference where they developed a specific understanding of PKU and SPCS. They also had lectures with students, professors and administrative staff of SPCS and even audited one course named “Time and Cognition”. During the conference, the expert committee held several private sessions as well.

Experts talking with students and professors

The experts also noted that psychology is a “hub discipline” connected with natural science, social science and clinical science, and that it is gaining rapid growth in top universities in North America, Europe and Asia. They further recognized the remarkable progress made by SPCS and suggested that it should make good use of the strength of a comprehensive university to promote the interaction between psychology and other branches of science including clinical medicine, social science, information science and life science.

Written by: Guo Xinyu
Edited by: Hu Rong
Source: PKU News (Chinese)